Your reaction if your parents or close friends gave you an Xbox One.

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User Info: facetioussage

4 years ago#31
Hrm. If they didn't know my feelings about the device, but know that I enjoy gaming, it WOULD be a thoughtful gift, even if I couldn't accept.

I would thank them sincerely, and (depending on who it was) would either explain my feelings about the machine or lie and say I already have one and suggest they return the item and if they REALLY want to do something for me that I would appreciate, I'm always down for a nice dinner.

I would certainly try to find the gentlest way to let them know, though, since their hearts would be in the right place and just the thoughtfulness alone would be honestly appreciated. I'd just really hate to see them waste their money on something.
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User Info: The_Hyphenator

4 years ago#32
farmco posted...
Honestly, how would you go about this one?

I'd fix them with a withering stare until they returned it to the store and used the money to buy me something more pleasant, like a coupon for a year's worth of Brazilian waxing or a jar of ghost peppers.

User Info: Pacman2dx

4 years ago#33
I'll be buying my own but it'd be awesome to receive it as a gift .. so I'd say thanks.
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User Info: Unsugarized_Foo

4 years ago#34
Upset cause I don't have internet I can use on it.
"All I have is my balls and my word, and I don't break them for anyone!"-Tony Montana

User Info: aj4x94

4 years ago#35
Sell it and buy a gift for the person who gave it to me using the money.
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User Info: mohomad

4 years ago#36
I would accept it and happily play the games I like on it.
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User Info: InnerSolace

4 years ago#37
NormnStansfield posted...
i'm sure microsoft will make up some bs rule making it illegal for you to sell your xbox.

kinda the same way my daughter does when i start winning at checkers.

I'm assuming the TC is talking about what you would do before opening the box. If the box is unopened, and therefore unused at all, then I'm sure you could resell it or give it away without any problems.

User Info: Galbrant

4 years ago#38
Sell it to Game-... What do you mean they're not taking any more Xbox Ones?

To be honest it depends on whether or not they are going through with some of their inane plans. If they can make the Kinect just add on that I can unplug from my device and remove the fee from used games... the companies are going to bombard me with DLC's anyway so they're going to make some money back regardless. And scratch that 24 Hour once a day DRM I'll Gladly accept it. Until then it'll collect some dust until Microsoft sees the light.

It won't hurt to hold on to it... never know what the future holds.
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User Info: Sabram

4 years ago#39
Accept it gracefully. Never use it.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

4 years ago#40
Play games on it because I actually like games unlike all the trolls ITT.
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