Your reaction if your parents or close friends gave you an Xbox One.

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User Info: WilliamPorygon

4 years ago#41
I'd make a Youtube video. I won't say the video would entail exactly, but it involves a sledgehammer.
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User Info: lokitheoriginal

4 years ago#42
farmco posted...
Honestly, how would you go about this one?

Return it, and tell them exactly why while also giving them their money back.

User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#43
1st Degree Murder. It's what the video games taught me to do when I get mad about stupid things that make mad!!! Like horrible little Xbox One. must kill now, k have fun you little puppies!!!
Video games do not cause violence. Violence may cause video games.

User Info: Desulated

4 years ago#44
Thank them for it and quickly sell it to some kid that'd be willing to sell his parents' souls to the devil just so he can get the console.

The ones who gave me the gift are happy, I'm happy, and my customer is happy. In the end, everyone is happy.
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User Info: DrkVrtx

4 years ago#45
Be grateful, and thank them. Then sell it.

User Info: MajorHoppy

4 years ago#46
Say a sincere thank you to their face and then try to find out where they put the receipt. Personally, I would make sure that my opinion of the Xbox One was made clear to every single person I knew.
I just cant sit any other way than this. If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by 40%.

User Info: masterbarf

4 years ago#47
Kaleliskalel posted...
[straight] to ebay

seriously. tx for a system that charges money to play online. i dont think so

User Info: WartPig_

4 years ago#48
ZGMF_600_Guaiz posted...
I would politely ask them for the receipt and the very next day I would go change it for a PS4, or if I already have one, for a PS Vita or Wii U.

User Info: matt-nicklin

4 years ago#49
DieForMotherLand posted...
free stuff is free stuff?
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  3. Your reaction if your parents or close friends gave you an Xbox One.

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