Hate to say it;

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User Info: curtland

4 years ago#11
I don't think it's going to do badly. But I'd be surprised if too many people pay $500 - $600 for a fancy TV controller.

It's got some cool features in it's face, I'll grant you. But is the average consumer going to think it's worth the hefty price tag?

I kind of think no... not JUST for the TV features anyway.
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User Info: NoBullet

4 years ago#12
PS3 systems sold too. @ $600.
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User Info: rpg_espree

4 years ago#13
dolabla posted...
It'll sell in the US (and maybe the UK). PS4 will do well in the US too, but dominate outside the US.

truth, ps4 non-region block means games can be played that don't get released in other countries...
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User Info: Mixorz

4 years ago#14
Looks like all these BKs getting mad/sad because I make my own decisions and don't grab pitchforks because the rest of the ponies are riding around. Sorry, X1 is what me and my family want. Get mad about it.
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