So...the XBOX ONE can't be unplugged?

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User Info: kevin1d

4 years ago#21
_Deadeye_CM_ posted...
kevin1d posted...
SauceyWombat posted...
I understand the threat of losing privacy is the basis of all the moral outrage. At the very least the newly added steps that would be required to ensure personal privacy is well worth talking about. I've not paid uber-attention to every last tidbit of information, so forgive me if I'm asking something that is screamingly obvious & understood by everyone else. Buuuuuut, can't the Xbox One simply be unplugged from the electrical outlet? How about throwing a towel over the Kinnect camera, etc?

They call them tinfoil hat wearers but turn around and tell them to throw a towel over their tv

What kind of sense does that make?Why do i need to have a towel covering a device in my own home?

You don't have to. What he's saying is, if you truly believe that Microsoft has some naked guy jerking off to you watching Netflix(or your kids playing with Legos), there are several simple workarounds.

I guess since I'm responding to you in this thread, I might as well address the topic as a whole. Again. Just like I did earlier today in the same topic. One of them, at least.

There is no one watching you watch TV or play games. Voice and facial recognition are software, installed on the camera itself. I highly doubt that Microsoft is going to record 1080p video and audio 24/7 for every user. That would literally be terabytes per second. Do you understand how much bandwidth that is? And even if they could(with the millions spent in storage and computers to hold all of this storage), I doubt even more strongly that they would want to, that it would benefit them in even the slightest. There is no application for video/audio based ad revenue, especially considering you'll be sitting on your couch talking about the guy at work who wouldn't shut up, or the old lady you got stuck behind on your way to lunch.

Additionally, those governments making idle threats don't know what the technology is capable of. That's why they said things like "Uh, hey... A camera can record people, so you better let us know what you're using it for before you try to sell it here."

Do any of you know of any actual technology that allows hackers to directly hack into smartphone cameras? They likely use similar methods of uploading footage for Skype and similar apps. Do you know of any instances in history of someone's life being ruined, identity stolen, or even of his/her camera even being hacked into in the first place?

hahahahahahahahaha naked guy jerking off lmaoaoaaooa deadeye 1+ for your post and the link
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