How much of an improvment in Tech is next-gen?

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User Info: WiltISdaBEST

4 years ago#1
Like how big of a leap can these do in graphics,physics ,A.I and other stuff. Also how do the specs on this and the PS4 stack up to gaming PC's?

User Info: spliff11

4 years ago#2
They should be able to push alot more polygons..alot more complex lighting alot more characters on screen and finally console games should have proper example of that is killzone shadowfall using 40 000 polygons per character compared to 10 000 per on killzone 3.

Not to mention the vastly improved lighting not even possible on the ps3. Both consoles are a considerable leap up especially in terms of memory and memory bandwith.

that should allow much larger worlds and texture streaming issues should be a thing of the past. Comparing consoles to pc's is always difficult due to closed platform...both consoles should perform way above their baseline specs...the graphics core on the xboxone apu could probably be compared to low end gaming pc directly while on the ps4 a midrange but both will exceeed that due to closed platform.
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User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#3
The thing is that when the PS360 were coming out they were both trying to do multi core processing while PCs were still on single core. It took about 3-4 years, but the PC was able to finally get ahead of the consoles.

This time around, XB1 and PS4 are using semi-recent tech. which means they'll have better tech for about a year. At that point the specs of the two consoles will be a joke.

I mean it might be a bit pricy, but you could build a rig with roughly the same specs as the PS4 if you wanted.
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  3. How much of an improvment in Tech is next-gen?

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