A question about the cloud servers for multiplayer...

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User Info: DarkHiei

4 years ago#1
We know that the current generation, at least for Xbox 360, has had its fair share of hackers, JTAGers, etc., that have managed to control even certain online environments in games, such as CoD for example, encountering hacked rooms where everyone is flying around and whatnot. Do you believe it will be easier for Microsoft to find and ban them because more multiplayer will be taking place on their controlled servers? I was reading through topics and saw people's attempts at arguing over which system/online is easier to hack, blah blah blah, and the question just kind of occurred to me. I anticipate since more will be happening server side that the issue of hacking could decrease quickly, if only for the XO. That and, not to intentionally beat a dead horse with a stick, but the Kinect could probably be used somehow as a deterrent/anti-hacker spying device (I'm doubt it, but I'm not a technical intellectual). Discuss without petty console war BS, please.
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User Info: BSerenity

4 years ago#2
Simple answer is no.
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User Info: crynryan

4 years ago#3
The problem lies with the whole server-client method, which is what most games use.

With every game having dedicated servers, the servers are what determines how the players interact with the world, and thus aren't influenced by hacks/mods on your console.

In short, there won't be any mods/hacks except for aimbots (if they're ever able to) and turbo controllers.
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User Info: HypnoCoosh

4 years ago#4
"Discuss without petty console war BS, please."

That's asking a lot on this board.
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