What are your thoughts on the 3 gigs of RAM removal on the xbox one?

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User Info: vice_dragon

4 years ago#61
N3xtG3nGam3r posted...
Having that much RAM for developers to work with, isnt always a good thing.

It just means developers that arent so talented, like Respawn Ent. (Developers of Titanfall) and Infinity Ward/Treyarch, can be much more lazy, and not have to optimize their code. Especially this early in these two consoles life.

Titanfall runs on the same game engine as the CoD series, just ''heavily'' modified, but i think saying ''heavily'' is putting it loosely.

They were having issues fitting everthing into memory, which is a complete joke. Look at the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. That game world takes 45 minutes from one side to the other--on horseback--and they seem to be chugging along nicely in their development cycle.

In Titanfalls defense however, they apparently were designing for the Xbox 360, and were too far along in their development, to completely scrap, and re-design a ''next-gen'' engine, or so they say. I personally think that anybody who has worked on any of the CoD titles, will bring nothing to the table in terms of gameplay, and especially graphics. Look how many CoD's were pushed out, with absolutely no graphical increase. Crysis 3 came out around the same time as BLOPS 2, and really, BLOPS 2 looks inferior to MW3.

Their excuse for Titanfall: We wanted to obtain 1080p, and a steady 60fps. Well...Battlefield 4 says ''Hi.'

As things go currently, 4GB of system ram on PC is sufficient, as long as you have a good GPU that sports 1-2GB of GDDR5.

(I stopped reading the topic here to replay so sorry if some one beat me to it.)

So you really know nothing of Titanfall do you. Please post any link that says anything you said about Titanfall to be true.

First off they everything I'm about to type is from the Titanfall issue of Game Informer.

We all know Respawn is mostly compiled of former Infinity Ward employees (who fallowed the two leads that were back-stabbed out of a contract and fired by Acivision) that made Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2(In my opinion the 2 best CoDs so far). CoD:WaW, BLOBS, BLOBS 2, and MW3 are the gutter trash that most people reference when they talk about generic shooters made by Trearch, and the new employees at Infinity Ward.

Respawn is using a modified Source engine from Valve because it was faster, and cheaper than starting a new one from the ground up. The CoD engine is owned by Activision. So even if they wanted to (They don't) they couldn't.

Anything else you said regarding Titanfall is opinion, or speculation. Both pointless and worthless. I don't know enough about computer inerds so I can't comment on that subject but from your track record, I'm sure you don't either.
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  3. What are your thoughts on the 3 gigs of RAM removal on the xbox one?

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