PS4 to allow 2000 friends, while Xbox One will allow 1000

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User Info: SomnusNemoris

4 years ago#11
Another PS4 win.

User Info: yanksfan4247

4 years ago#12
They should change the name of it. No one has 2000 friends.
Twitter: @macdamurderer
GT: Mac Da Murderer

User Info: Bastichlives

4 years ago#13
Are 900 of them with the NSA?
Haters gonna hate.

User Info: DamnEvilDog

4 years ago#14
Did this really need a topic? I guess it will serve to flush out trolls at the very least.

User Info: Iceman83

4 years ago#15
Xbox One....Forever alone? Or Friend-zoned?
If it bleeds, we can kill it.

User Info: Stixx32

4 years ago#16
I have like 20, no big deal.
XBL Stixx71

User Info: scoobydoobydont

4 years ago#17
Xboned! PS4ever!
"I don't hate people, I just feel better when they're not around." - Charles Bukowski

User Info: EnVy_CaLiBeR

4 years ago#18
Whether it's 1000 or 2000, how likely is anyone going to fill their friends list?

I hope there are notification options because certain ones could get annoying.
(NNID/PSN): EnVy_CaLiBeR (3DS): 2895-6776-7223
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User Info: KagoJunichiro

4 years ago#19
I have around 40-60 people on my friends list, and only one of them is considered a true friend whom i'd hang with. Maybe this increase is for the MMOs? Though I wonder what the new friends list will be like in terms of management.
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: Kago Junichiro
PlayStation Network ID: ArmoredAce

User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#20
Brace yourself

A Microsoft announcement is coming...
"Exactly correct TC..."
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