What is one good thing Xbone has over PS4?

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User Info: Terrantroop

4 years ago#91
I love how people always use the controller as an argument, you realize that you can buy an xbox style controller for the PS.
And as for the kinect vs Eye, keep your Kinect and ill save my hundred dollars for something ill actually use.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#92
For me it's the launch line-up. Once the stupid DRM went away, I made the switch.
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User Info: doc1369

4 years ago#93
ValedictorianXD posted...
DesperateMonkey posted...
In all honesty, the only thing Sony's console has at the moment is

1)Better graphics (marginally. We are talking about the difference between a cheap PC and a less cheap PC).

2)$100 price

Now Sony fanboys try to play up all this "MS had bad intentions!" BS but realistically, no one actually cares. mindless dribble


Explain the polls. Despite Xbox One's reversal of policies and attempts to match Sony pound for pound, Xbox One is actually at an all time low in the polls. Nearly EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY polled on the issue has gone pro ps4 because of Microsoft's botched reveal. Now, we can go around and say how awesome the X1 is but let's not blatantly lie to ourselves and pretend like people didn't care. They did and this poll is currently the best objective truth that shows that...that and preorder numbers, which are also in Ps4's favor.

I am only resopnding because of your sig. So I figure you are just upset and not being objective. Polls that do not limit people to one vote mean nothing. Polls place in locations where poeple are pooled together with a common mindset mean nothing. Microsoft completely ****ed up, no way around that. You don't need a poll to tell you that. What effect on sales it has not even Microsoft knows.

Be carefull sighting pre-orders that are known to be limited on the Microsoft side. If both Sony and microsoft had a unlimited numbers of consoles on sale right now we would know what the masses think. I think Sony would have the edge but that is just my unproven opinion.
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4 years ago#94
Launch line up. I really like Dead Rising 3 and on the fence about KI maybe it's good maybe it's not.

User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#95
ElPolloDiablo87 posted...
The community. No Sony ponies.

Yeah, but then you'd get stuck with Boneheads

User Info: The_Desk

4 years ago#96
It has a cool letter like X in it's name?

User Info: renzsweet

4 years ago#97
U.S. company.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#98
sworder posted...
DesperateMonkey posted...
Because its based off of the 360 controller which is generally the preferred controller. This is why third parties make 360 type controllers and PC gamers prefer to buy 360 type controllers.

Its pretty much that simple.

That's because PC gamers don't play shooters with the controller, they stick with their mouse for aiming

Yet people say asymmetrical is better for shooting games.There is literally no logic behind that statement

The only thing that doesn't make sense is that for shooters, the Right analog stick isn't also at the top, not because they are not both at the bottom... However, because face buttons are still extremely essential and are always being used, its not as big of an issue. Either way, it has nothing to do with symmetry and all to do with placement of what is most used. The Playstation controller definitely has the left analog confused. Where the right analog should be makes no difference since both companies are the same on that front.

Also, not using the controller for shooters does not help your point in the least... It just means that PC gamers find this to be a superior controller for the vast majority of genres. The shooter genre is already pretty much ruled by the 360 controller, this has always been the case. In fact, the Xbox Original was touted for how its controllers were well designed towards shooters compared to the Dual Shock back in the day and the 360 controller was a big improvement over that.
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User Info: DaltonM

4 years ago#99
Kinect: so like voice commands, gestures, whatever.

Xbox controller ;p I like PS3 sticks, but the placement and literally everything else on xbox is better.

User Info: ecylis

4 years ago#100
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