PS4 buyers who aren't getting the XBONE, what would change your mind?

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User Info: Jimm3rF3rdette

4 years ago#1
Question to the ps4 buyers here that aren't getting the xbox one, list the things that would have to happen for you to switch your purchase from a ps4 to an xbone.
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User Info: ZZZGundam

4 years ago#2
A really high-paying job and an extra television in a new room that does not yet exist in my house.

Those are not gonna happen for a while.

User Info: MrCheese4321

4 years ago#3
Nothing. The Bone and Microsoft are horrible.
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User Info: TheXboxOne

4 years ago#4
They should get an Xbox One, it's sure to be a great console.

User Info: fretless58

4 years ago#5
Microsoft going back in time and undoing their attempt to screw over their customers.
Also, better games.

User Info: DanSloth

4 years ago#6
I'm still getting a PS4. Xbox One and PS4 pre-orders are long gone at my Gamestop, so I couldn't switch even if I wanted to.

I'd eventually get an Xbox One if they released a version without Kinect, as the Kinect is worthless in my cramped bedroom.

User Info: Pox

4 years ago#7
It being cheaper than a PS4. Microsoft has made up a lot of ground in the last few weeks, but at the end of the day all they are doing is making it more similar to the PS4. There are still some idiotic things they are doing like Forza requiring an online connection. Point is even if Microsoft made up for every mistake they have made, the PS4 is still $100 cheaper. Sony also has 2 game conferences left where new game announcements have been confirmed.
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User Info: AwayFromHere

4 years ago#8
Remove the goddamned Kinect, completely.
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User Info: ripvision

4 years ago#9
Why not post this up on the PS4 board?

User Info: suzukimatsui

4 years ago#10
If Microsoft fired all of their upper management and actually hired people who knew what they were doing as well as have Microsoft apologize and admit to their mistakes on their high profile blunders. On aside note seriously though I would get one if all of my friends got one as well since they are migrating from the 360 to PS4.
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  3. PS4 buyers who aren't getting the XBONE, what would change your mind?

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