Lets look at the real differences between Xbox 1 and PS4

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User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#1
Sony fanboys have been in a fit ever since MS reversed its policies. They consistently list the "intentions" of MS as a negative towards the Xbox compared to PS, using childish worlds like "evil" and "selfish" and "anti consumerism" like they know what these terms mean.

If we compare the three gaming companies, its immediately apparent that all three companies are the exact same.

MS tried to force DRM, no used games and other silly crap on XBOX 1 buyers but it was so unpopular they had to reverse it all.

Sony in the PS2 era had failure rates near that of RROD but did not admit it and suppressed the complaints until they lost in court. However, Sony still did not do anything significant and believe they shouldnt have lost in the first place.

Sony in the PS3 generation saw their run away success as the perfect way to push the Bluray format and t heir own Cell processors. However, this was to the detriment of both gamers and developers, driving in an extra $200 to the console to put in hardware that was inferior than much cheaper technology. The BD speeds forced developers to use mandatory installs and Cell was incredibly difficult to develop for. They could have released a much stronger console for $400 dollars with the losses they were taking but they used gamers as a way to win the format war and force developers to get use to their own CPU architecture. Oh lets not forget BC removal so they can sell their games again.

Nintendo needs little explanations. Shallow gimmick controls to try and bring in silly casuals who think they will be having light saber battles. In the case of Sony and Nintendo, they are both trying to pull back on the mistakes they've already made. They sell 200 megabyte games for full price because they know Nintendrones will eat it up and tell people that not allowing good online experiences "protects us" and "promotes social gaming".

Now Sony fans pretend like MS is actually any different from the other companies and make idiotic complaints like "The system is focused on non-gaming features, hence not a dedicated gaming system".

Well the PS3 was far more of a bluray player (that gamers paid up the nose for) than Xbox One is going to be a non-gaming device. In fact, their advertisement is that it "only does everything". Yet this "non dedicated" gaming device clearly had the most exclusives by the end of the generation so either the quality of gaming is irrelevant to its extra features or Sony Ponies have a short memory.

Then there is the complaints about ads. Who cares? The Xbox 360 had plenty of adds yet its OS was a fraction of the size of Sony's and was way better. Despite ads, XBL was still a far better experience with a faster and more well organized UI.

The last complaint is about Kinect, which is hilariously silly. Spying? Don't fool yourself. Your life has nothing of value for MS to spy on. Not to mention, a reverse video feed would be extremely and immediately apparent. How is it going to spy on your kids without taking up a crapload of noticeable upload bandwidth. Of course we all know they aren't spying, this is just one of the last things Sony fans can say.

The other, even more idiotic complaint about Kinect is that its "mandatory" hence you have to use it. No one said that because you CAN use kinect, you CAN'T navigate normally with a controller. Kinect takes away nothing and only adds more to the experience. Whether you want those extras is completely up to you.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#2
Now lets look at the real differences.

Xbox One:

Has voice controls
Can automatically recognize players
Is an extra up to 4 player controller for Kinect games
Has Snap
Most likely will remain the superior online service and OS because of their software pedigree
Most likely will provide much better online play since they have large investments in expanding the amount of dedicated servers available to everyone
Cloud based gaming (whatever that means)
Can run multiple apps and games
Can record infinite videos with snap and video upload services
Has kinect microphone


Signficantly stronger hardware and better multiplat performance
$100 cheaper
Has a touchpad on the controller
Can stream to PSV
PS+ is cheaper and gives games (although I think Xbox is copying them on this now)
More developer friendly hence better performance SOONER, reversed from last gen
Backwards compatibility with Gaikai later on
Comes with headset
Compatible with previous headsets

Of course more points does not mean better.

I am personally getting an Xbox One because

a)$100 isn't an issue and I will have both soon
b)I have a subjective preference for the announced X1 titles
c)Kinect seems very interesting and could tear down a lot of the limitations of traditional console UIs
d)From my previous experience, Sony will always be following Xbox in terms of online features and fluency
e)Love the idea of voice controls ever since End War.


This topic hopefully filters out some of the silly arguments out there. Moral of the story, choose whatever console interests you more and stop bothering people for their choices. If you think MS is bad or worse than other companies because of this you should look actually educate yourself. Neither Sony nor MS are primarily gaming companies. One tried to force media and other hardware on the consumer and one tried to force software controls, both reflecting each companies true interests. However, this should be irrelevant to the gamer who should only make objective decisions on what you actually get with a product and both of these "non dedicated" gaming companies are doing far more for the consumer than the only Dedicated company in the race.
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User Info: Forsaken815

4 years ago#3



You bring up a lot of points I'm sure no one has ever heard before, certainly not dozens of times.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#4
Actually, most of the time, people defend the Xbox's bad intentions by saying they aren't that bad. I am saying they are that bad, just that so is everyone else. Point is, if you are buying a console based on which companies you think are good or bad, you are an idiot.

And yes I realize no one is gong to read the entire two posts. Most people here who want to argue don't have the attention span for anything longer than a short paragraph which is why we get all the regurgitate falsehoods I list in my posts.
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User Info: Top_Bloke

4 years ago#5
Good read and well said.

It'd be great to get something like this, with a list of features (just the X1) stickied on this board.

For me I prefer the unique options on the X1, I too will be getting both, but my excitement is certainly with the X1.

User Info: mcnichoj

4 years ago#6
Forsaken815 posted...
You bring up a lot of points I'm sure no one has ever heard before, certainly not dozens of times.
Why you mad though?
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User Info: LadyYachiru

4 years ago#7
Meh...I don't plan on getting either until they stop making games for 360 as well...but then I will be getting Ps4 :/
Vita teneat nisi miseriam.

User Info: RedFive3

4 years ago#8
Nicely said, and soooo true.
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User Info: WM_PMC

4 years ago#9
What exactly do you mean by "Can record infinite videos with snap and video upload services". Because both consoles can live stream, but the PS4 has a longer buffer and can upload the last 15 minutes of gameplay versus the last 5 minutes from the X1.
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User Info: Teremei

4 years ago#10
this is pretty much all known, but it was good to real an intelligent and mature opinion for once. So thanks for that.

My main positives for both consoles are. .

$100 cheaper
likely will have better looking games years down the road
likely will have more amazing exclusives later

But I am buying and xbox one because

very very interested in kinect 2.0
has the more amazing exclusives, AT LAUNCH
has the controller I'm much more excited about holding
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