Is there a point in getting X1 if I will be building a gaming PC ?

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  3. Is there a point in getting X1 if I will be building a gaming PC ?

User Info: Robtcee13

4 years ago#21
chiefofsb78 posted...
Console is better unless you want to deal with the BS that comes with PC gaming with less good games and more bad games and a small boring community


My PC gaming library is like 10 times the size of my console gaming library, and I've only ever bought games I had some interest in. I'd contend that consoles have worse games as a result, but they just aren't my thing usually. Shooters on console? Okay, if you want games with impossible controls. Um... I guess that's about all consoles have, right?
The community is vastly different depending on where you go actually. The PC gaming community is super diverse in all the worst ways. For instance, if you go on the steam forums... well... don't go on the steam forums. Each individual game has a distinctive unique community with its own personality. I can't really say the same for consoles. Although again, that really is 'for better or worse'.
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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#22
LaManoNeraII posted...
At launch, hell no.

Everything launching on the PS4 and Xbone you can get on PC, except 100x better. Next-gen consoles aren't getting anything worth creaming for until at least two years down the road, I think.

There are a ton of PS exclusives that aren't on PC..
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User Info: parthos566

4 years ago#23
Is there a point in taking my car into work, instead of my bike?
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User Info: Arizona_Joe

4 years ago#24
PC is the best hardware to play games. No debate on this.

Only reasons to play on consoles is
You like the exclusives
Most of your friends primary play on consoles
A PC usually serves more of a purpose than a gaming machine so you possibly share it with others. (GFs and Facebook)
The ease of knowing any game with the X1/PS4 logo will work on that device.

My experience is I have a ton of friends who play on consoles and will never switch to a PC. So I prefer my friends over gaming alone or making new friends. LOL

Besides my fear of turning into a PC elitist who demands others follow his ways also scares me.

User Info: CyhortI82

4 years ago#25
TreGooda posted...
I've always had a gaming PC and I'm buying an X1. The experiences aren't the same.

This. Plus there are games that won't come to PC (KI being one of them) and some PC ports of console games tend to be pretty bad. I've always been a console and PC gamer and I don't see any need to ever choose one over the other.
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User Info: sworder

4 years ago#26
parthos566 posted...
Is there a point in taking my car into work, instead of my bike?

Unless you are implying the Bone is more powerful than a high end PC, the analogy should read

"Is there a point in taking my bike into work, instead of my car?"

User Info: NewportBox100s

4 years ago#27
gonna spend 700 on the PC.. including Windows 8

User Info: TheApd_Returns

4 years ago#28
about the only hateable thing about PC gaming is optimization issues. having a top of the line PC that can run BF3 on max at 150FPS, then company of heroes 2 gives it crap because it's poorly optimized.
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User Info: Top_Bloke

4 years ago#29
I have a good gaming PC that I play the majority of my current games on.

But I like getting a new console and I like the differentiation that comes with the X1 and all it's features, so that's why I'm choosing that initially.

User Info: Thewinner14

4 years ago#30
With this gen consoles being basically mini PCs -no funky architecture- it may actually make sense for the PC to be the lead platform again.
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