Four big reasons the X1, not the PS4, will win over the masses. (Article)

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User Info: THMBZDownGNZUp

4 years ago#31
SoulTrapper destroyed that guy. Lol I enjoyed reading every counter-point destroying that Microsoft fanboy/shill.

User Info: Reginleif20

4 years ago#32
DeadLock25 posted...
Here is an opinion piece that brings up some valid points. I thought it might be an interesting read for some. What do you think? Do you agree, disagree and why?

Please note: This is just one persons opinion, no need to cry and moan about it or resort to insults solely based on his preferences. Lets try to keep the discussion civil and mature.

For those too lazy to read, his main points are:
1) Better specs dont win a console war, nor do they mean better games. Xbox games are more popular in US.
2) MS has outsold SONY (in the US) for months, and will continue to get better.
3) Better online service
4) Modern consoles are entertainment hubs (numbers prove it) and X1 will be just that.

Personally I agree with some of his points to some extent, but I dont think those will be enough to actually win over the masses (not worldwide) It seems to me like the backlash is quite strong and will continue to be that way for quite some time and this will undoubtedly give SONY an edge, not only in the US but in the whole world. Eventually I think the X1 will begin to close the gap between itself and PS4, (and I think that gap will be smaller than this gen) but I think it will always play some form of catch up in terms of sales with SONY.

Meh, fanboy rabble
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User Info: Bastichlives

4 years ago#33
kayoticdreamz posted...
Decimator11 posted...
Gonna play devil's advocate here.

So two of his points for winning the world's masses are that the respective points are more popular in the US? How does that apply to the world.

this might come as a shock but the US is the worlds lone super power....our economy as such has the most influence(again dont let this news shock you)

Im buying an Xbox because i like what it offers. But i cannot give any support to condescending rubbish like this. America is not the centre of the universe. It is people making comments like this that make Americans look so foolish to the rest of the world. Luckily for me thanks to my Xbox i game regularly with a great group of Americans so i know they don't all have their heads up their asses.
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User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#34
SoulTrapper posted...

90% of his blog posts are about Windows and MS, interesting.

Let's look a bit further into what he does.

Ah, owner and founder of firelogic, wonder what that is.

Oh, so he makes his money by selling and teaching people about (among others) MS products, interesting.

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User Info: stalker_san

4 years ago#35
DeadLock25 posted...
1. His article focuses solely on the US. His actual point was that better specs =/= better or more popular games. Him using the X360 games is to show that the platform with inferior specs had the more popular games.
2. See point 1.
3. You cannot possible say that paying for something will mean a better service. Its a possibility but not a guarantee. And what about X1? Will its online service not be improve at all?
4. Comedy Central, Nick, HBO GO, NFL, TV integration. yeah. We are comparing the PS4 vs X1 here, and in terms of entertainment, the X1 is MUCH more capable and better in this area and PS4 certainly cannot do MOST of these. If another device can do this, why even get a console? His point is that consoles are entertainment hubs that do more than play games. Whether this is guaranteed to translate to more sales is questionable, and only time will tell.

In short, I assume you disagree with everything he is saying? Do you think the PS4 will dominate completely in the US? Worldwide? Do you think X1 has a chance? Anything about the X1 that you DO like?Aside from games and better gaming capabilities, is there anything else that you want to see from your console of choice? These questions apply to others as well if anything.

1. & 2. PS4 will completely dominate worldwide. Why? Because Microsoft doesn't give a **** about gamers outside America. What did they call it? Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries? It's just that mindset. About U.S., I don't know. And I couldn't care less honestly.
3. And just because XBL > PSN last gen, XBL > PSN this gen? You think that is more reasonable?
4. Let's see: 399 for PS4 + $39 for Raspberry Pi = $438, which is still less than $499 for the X1, has the same media capabilities as X1 and can do the other stuff the Rasp can. And, like I said, media doesn't win a console generation (Wii).

And btw, in fact, I like the design of the X1. 80s/90s Laserdisc players are the best looking devices ever.
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User Info: Mr_Fury32

4 years ago#36
there is the place called "the world" which is not just the U.S.
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User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#37
Great so another guy who an cherry pick facts and we should listen to him why?

1. I'm going to base sales of the systems in Japan and say the X1 will tank, badly because it tanked in japan.

2. Same as above.

3. Complete opinion, I preferred PSN over XBL last gen as I haven't had any issues with the PSN and it was free. This gen won't be any different, PSN+ will be required but atleast most normal apps including some F2P online games won't be behind said paywall. When it comes to security I'll still trust PSN over XBL. Why? too many times when mass amounts of XBL accounts were compromised versus what the one time that Sony got hacked massively, openly admitted to it, took precautionary measures to protect their users saftey(offering 1 yr of identity protection, shutting down the servers, INFORMING everyone).

4. Great so the DVR box that has more features I'm going to get rid of for my gaming my Directv DVR box has more features than the xbox will have so I could care less and I'm sure that most people are also going to be in this same situation. I can see it getting used as a convenience factor but not as a large selling point.

User Info: TheRealPhattyJ

4 years ago#38
Micooliscool posted...
1) True but that doesn't mean the Xbox will succeed.
2) Sure the Xbox has more sales in the US... worldwide (the masses) they are practically identical.
3) Although the 360 had the better online service, the PS4's will be just as good (most likely) since PS+ is required for online.
4) Seems the only difference between PS4 and One is that Sony's console doesn't have TV inbuilt, not a real negative for the system.

Just like to take a second to point out that Microsoft's 77 million "sales" of the 360 include every single console that was a warranty replacement due to hardware failure or was a purcahse made by someone who's console died and MS wouldn't replace. What was that average from the first couple years, 2 out of 3 360's RRODing?

Compared to the PS3's sales (80+ million) and failure rates (<1 in 150).....well the numbers speak for themselves.

User Info: Terry-bogard

4 years ago#39
DeadLock25 posted...

For those too lazy to read, his main points are:
1) Better specs dont win a console war, nor do they mean better games. Xbox games are more popular in US.
2) MS has outsold SONY (in the US) for months, and will continue to get better.
3) Better online service
4) Modern consoles are entertainment hubs (numbers prove it) and X1 will be just that.

1) Ps3 had better specs , and won the war in the end.
2) US isn't the whole world , ps3 has outsold xbox 360
3) where are your numbers on that ? oh wait , they do not exist since the XBOX1/ps4 online service AREN'T online.
4) ps4 is a gaming console with multimedia and social features, xbox1 is a multimedia/social machine with gaming capability, multimedia and social features are already present in homes via phones and PC , people buy console for gaming , not facebook , this is why the X1 already lost in every scenario.

Most of the latest bad news about XBOX1 is completely hushed off by fanboy media like your website , the overheating and soft/hardware crash problems shown in E3 and comicon wil only get worse and shows how rushed and badly designed the X1is , when the general public will be aware of those issues (that is when the first XBOX1 will fry at someones home) , then the media circus won't be enough to hide the facts. The xbox 1 needs more development , like 6 more month. It wasn't ready at E3 ( games running on pc , system crashing because it couldn't handle the games , thus the interviews were pulled off the planning) , it wasn't ready at comicon (multiple system crashes) and it will not be ready for launch because M$ only works on catching up with PS4 fonctionnality and specs instead on sucking it up and work on the critical issues.
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User Info: NSGraphite

4 years ago#40
DeadLock25 posted...

For those too lazy to read, his main points are:
1) Better specs dont win a console war, nor do they mean better games. Xbox games are more popular in US.

They don't. PS3 technically had slightly better specs than the 360 and look how that turned out. The original Xbox has significantly superior specs to the PS2 and look how that turned out.

What wins console wars is content. This is why the SNES won it's generation, why the PS1 won it's generation and why the PS2 destroyed the competition in its generation. Whichever console has the most content is where the consumers will eventually go. If this coming generation turns out like our current generation, where the big players (Sony, MS) get 90% of the same tittles at essentially the same quality of gameplay, then it will turn out like this generation with them neck and neck. However there is a slight possibility that because of MS's blunders early on that Sony may capture an early majority in sales and end up stealing exclusives because of this fact. It already has the advantage of greater japanese support (though nothing has been announced as of yet...waiting for TGS...this is a given fact) and that gives the PS4 a fairly significant amount of exclusives that will likely never see the light of day on the Xbox One. Early advantage: Sony. Long term: unknown.

2) MS has outsold SONY (in the US) for months, and will continue to get better.

While this is true for the PS3 vs 360 generation, the coming generation is a whole new ballgame, and as our current generation (and the PS1 generation as well) you can never bet on the top performer to maintain it's position without some extenuating circumstances in its favor. At this juncture in the game, the PS4 is the favored console. MS has an uphill battle to fight. Not saying it doesn't have a chance, as obviously it does, I'm just saying that it won't be easy.

3) Better online service

This is the current perception. It will give MS an advantage in this category. However, it is known that Sony is beefing up their online service to try and compete more directly with Live. If Sony manages to at least match what Live has to offer at the same quality of service, that takes away MS's advantage lickity split. This remains to be seen however. Advantage: Microsoft.

4) Modern consoles are entertainment hubs (numbers prove it) and X1 will be just that.

So will the PS4. They'll play the same Apps (with a few minor exceptions on each), both play BD movies (probably with comparable ability and quality) will probably excel at browsing the web (though Sony might have a gimpy web browser..hopefully they'll use something established like Chrome) and streaming media out the yinyang (Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, Crunchyroll, Youtube, Youporn...[a brother can dream, can't he?]). There is no advantage here other than the Xbox-1's ability to manage cable feeds through it's HDMI-in. Slight Advantage: Microsoft (very, very slight)
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