Four big reasons the X1, not the PS4, will win over the masses. (Article)

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User Info: FoBiA

4 years ago#61
Fun fact: If the X1 wins the next generation it's because they sold more systems.
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User Info: James Mason

James Mason
4 years ago#62
That's a pretty terrible article.

First of all, it ignores alot of key points . Sony won the PSX and PS2 era by a huge margin. They were the market leader for two whole generation. Saying everyone will flock to the Xbox one because Xbox 360 was the "market leader" is thus a bad prediction... It didn't help Sony for PS3 at first, it sure won't help Microsoft especially with all the bad press surrounding the console.

Second, if you check up to date console sale charts (VGcharts), you would see that the PS3 has managed to surpass the Xbox 360 in terms of worldwide sales. Another thing to keep in mind is that the PS3 was out for one whole year less than the Xbox 360, meaning it actually managed to topple the Xbox 360 while being out for one full year less. Keep in mind it retailed for quite alot more than Xbox 360 for the first couple of years too, so it's even more impressive that it managed to catch up.

The only parts of the world where Xbox 360 is on top in in the US and in the UK. The rest of the world is mostly Pro-Sony. You can't win a worldwide console war by focusing only on the US, especially since the country is in a recession.

The whole discussion about the hardware difference not mattering is also misinformed. People do care and they do want the most powerful possible hardware. This is especially important when the strongest hardware also is priced less than the competition, like it is for next-gen. Will you buy inferior hardware and pay more just so you get Kinect 2.0 ?

The article mentions PSN being inferior than Xbox Live. Well, PSN was introduced with PS3 and honestly, for a free service, I really can't complain about it. It started from nothing and by the end of this generation, it did most of what Xbox Live did while being free of charge. I'll take a month of downtime (which netted me 6 free games btw thanks to their reward program allowing you to grab two games per account) and free online over paying 50 bucks a year for the same experience.

As for modern consoles being entertainment hubs, c'mon. Sony positioned the PSX as a video game console that could also play music CDs, it positioned the PS2 as a Dvd Player way before DVDs were mainstream, it pushed the Blu-Ray format into people's homes... Basically, they were always on the forefront of the entertainment hub buisness. While they don't talk as much as their entertainment features on PS4, they are there, it's just that they know gamers who buy consoles on day one care about games and not watching netflix on their console. Besides, you already own a netflix PS3 or Xbox 360, is that really such a big deal ?
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User Info: EnmaDaio2588

4 years ago#63
I think the mandatory Kinect will still keep some people away. The people who can use the Kinect 2.0 may not want a camera/mic on them while they play games. Other people live in rooms that are too small or awkwardly proportioned to accommodate the Kinect. If Microsoft releases a no-Kinect version then I'd say they could easily win over a lot more support.
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User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#64
I've read several articles that claim that X1 will win in the long run, but I wouldn't dare post them lol. Too many people would get butthurt. I saved one though. I'll be saving any more I read in the future. This one is different though.
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User Info: NightDrifter05

4 years ago#65
No matter how you look at it the PS3 has sold far better then the 360. It has had a year less time on the market and has sold just as many units and you also have to take into account the 54% 360 failure rate, alot of people had no choice but to buy multiple Xbox's so the 360 number is somewhat inflated due to that. But in the end, a year less on the market and the PS3 is right on par sale wise with the 360 mean's it's selling better.

And I completely disagree with console's being a media hub, people just use Netflix because it's convenient. I will NEVER watch TV through my console. The fact the Xbox is more of a media hub is the main reason it's not going to do so well simply because it make's the people look at it like they know they can't win the gaming war.

User Info: Doom_Infinite

4 years ago#66
That's absolutely ridiculous. Things that appeal strongly to the US never do well internationally, look at Captain America, internationally it's one of the lowest Marvel films at the box office. That the X1 so far is looking to only garner serious traction at home is a real concern.
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User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#67
I wonder if I have the last article I read saying why X1 will sell more eventually. It made a good point. People generally want stuff that you can do multiple things on. That's why phones can do so many things now. Pictures, text, email, internet, apps, etc. So the fact that X1 will be able to do so many things, will likely make it the popular choice. I didn't read this article, because I don't need to be convinced
Dost thou even hoist?
Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4 are already a done deal!

User Info: Riverraider98

4 years ago#68
Lol kids thinking they know anything about economics... The U.S. hasnt been in recession for about 3 years now. We still have the most important market economy in the world. China's economy is big because guess what theres more than a billion people living there. The standard of living outside of three tourist cities is third-world. By US economic crisis you mean the global economic crisis that affected EVERYONE, and started because OUR economy was down. Come on we are still the global super power. No one has force projection capabilities like us on the planet nor as robust and adaptable economy as our so yes MS focusing on the US makes perfect sense. Who cares if japan doesnt like it, when you can capture the biggest market(last time I checked Europe was a continent) ...thats all. Haha
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User Info: orestes1981

4 years ago#69
How is the Surface & Zune treating Microsoft?


Outside of the original 360, do you have faith in MS moving more consoles than Sony? They have trouble when they face stuff competition that is available at the same time. Heck, the 360 still lost to Wii in total install base...
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User Info: Riverraider98

4 years ago#70
Hey I loved my Zune hd
- "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Gt: RagnaRok RS 8
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