Pretty awesome unofficial Xbox One Exclusives trailer.

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User Info: zerooo0

3 years ago#1

Those Forza shots are AMAZING!!!!! Wow, he did an awesome work.
Starwars Battlefront+Destiny+Titanfall+Battlefield 4+Halo 5=Me in FPS heaven for these next few years.

User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

3 years ago#2
Yeah that was pretty cool.

User Info: Top_Bloke

3 years ago#3
well put together.

Very nice.

User Info: micheal82

3 years ago#4
That was pretty cool.
I can shoot a whole load into a guys face and they just brush it off. - Psquared34

User Info: zero3384

3 years ago#5
that was really awesome work that guy did....and I agree TC, those Forza shots are incredible...and I don't even like racing games but god...those shots were amazing
GT: Zerofoxy3384

User Info: squarex8264

3 years ago#6
Whoever put that together did a really nice job.
Gamertag: Squ4rex
"You guys can sig that if you want." -TheArcade

User Info: TBONE_OG

3 years ago#7
Nice video.
Always O.G.

User Info: BiggyDX

3 years ago#8
Someone's trying to get paid...and they should.
Gamertag: Biggy DX

User Info: snowboard340

3 years ago#9
That was pretty good, thanks TC.

User Info: BudWisenheimer

3 years ago#10
Well now I'm actually looking forward to watching this.
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  3. Pretty awesome unofficial Xbox One Exclusives trailer.

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