CNBC: behind the 180 - Sony deserves credit

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User Info: NeoMonk

4 years ago#21
embrandedone posted...
As opposed to my usual blog linking, here is an article from a news outlet

CNBC is a news outlet? stopped reading there
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User Info: Numenor

4 years ago#22
bob15x posted...
MetroidFan9999 posted...
bob15x posted...
No i criticized Sony for not making any policies and letting their competitor to make them, Then they built theirs around the fallout. Sony was too cowardly to make any decisions. Showing no confidence in themselves.

LOL what doublespeak is this crap?

Let's push this example out even further then. Let's say Sony goes first and announces the same exact stance they always had....MS follows with the same exact policies as Sony.

Would....THAT....make MS a coward then, Sony is now the courageous one?

Oh wait, you are "assuming" that Sony would just implement the same policies as MS did initially with the xbox one, right?

Ok if that was the case...wouldn't MS implement the same policies as Sony then in that case anyways? know....they just did it solo already?

See gentleman (and Pat the alien), this is the kinda logic I enjoy, you all make my day. I hope this board is full of this logic in the distant future, I will enjoy this immensely.

first, doublespeak, there is no doublespeak.

and how would MS be the coward by making the policies that are not the norm and trying to get them out there. The coward is the one that sits back, does nothing and waits for others to make the decisions for them.

nice try troll

No, it's something called "tactics". If you're in a fight, do you charge in first or let someone else take the first lunge to see the result?

Being a smart person, you'd let someone else go first, and from the result you'd adjust (or confirm) your planned actions to position yourself best for the next round.

The fact is, Microsoft charged in with draconian polices and attempted to force consumers to adopt them. Consumers were not impressed, and showed that by ditching MS for Sony. There was nothing "cowardly" in Sony's decision to hang back and let MS either set the pace or get hammered. It was smart business sense, and they are capitalizing on it.
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