So for $499 you are basically only able to play games on Xbox1

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User Info: BruceLee1974

4 years ago#61
Lordcrabfood posted...
BruceLee1974 posted...
Lordcrabfood posted...
BruceLee1974 posted...
Lordcrabfood posted...
I can see why this would be an issue if you were on minimum wage, thankfully I am not and I will happily pay for what I see has a great service.

And microsoft will gladly take your money with open arms.

Like I said, $60 a year is a non-issue for me. I am paying for multi-player anyway, everything else is a bonus and I most likely will not use any of the extras like Skype, Netflix. I already have those services. MS did not disappoint me with multi-player games so I am staying with them as I know what I am getting. Video gaming is an expensive hobby, if you are going to cry over such a small amount of money, you would be better served looking elsewhere for your entertainment cause things are only going to get more expensive, from all companies.

Well I was a Xbox live subscriber for 7 years and I only used online games I didn't mind paying it. But since there is competition now and Sony has better things for gamers, Online multiplayer, free games every month and most of the stuff Microsoft charges for is free on Sony's PS+ service.

Microsofts xbox live service should be cheaper or they should have another option for those that don't use the TV stuff or at least make it free like Sony does. Why does Microsoft got to chearge for everything they bring out.

I can honestly see Microsoft raising the cost of Xbox live in the future and they will say because we have so many features now, but not everyone uses those.

If you's can't see the point I'm trying to make, then you's are blinded fanboys. At least I am open minded enough to try different companies and don't stick to the same one every time.

The thing is you are not being open minded at all, you can not see that some people simply prefer x box live, the games on PSN are not free, you are paying for them. They are rentals and nothing more. Besides I buy any game I want on release, all the games that are offered on PSN I have already played or I am not interested in. I am no fanboy, I have a PS3 and will get a PS4, I simply prefer MS. The price is not an issue for me at all, so like I previously stated, things will only go up in cost from here so you better get used to it or move on to something else.

I am being open minded by letting myself try different things and not being a fan of any one console, but how many people have tried Playstation without saying things, the online is no good, or I don't like their games. I used to say this once before I decided to trade my Xbox 360 in about 1 week ago and TRY some of Sony's exclsuives.

The games are actually good and the PS3 is no where near as bad as some make it out to be. THe only bad thing I don't like about it is you can't chat to a friend while playing a single player game but this will be fixed on the PS4.

Some people say they aren't biased towards one company but some of the reasons they chose one over the other don't even make sence and they just chose that company because they have been with them for so long without giving someone else a chance.

Kind of like how Apple people always buy iphones and Ipads, or someoone always gets the same kind of car like a Holden or Ford.

And people might prefer Xbox live because the PS3 wasn't that good, but if they fix this on PS4 what's their reason with sticking to Xbox ?

User Info: crucial

4 years ago#62
If Sony had DR3,Titanfall,Halo,Gear's,KI,Minecraft,Fable,Crackdown,Ryse maybe I would consider getting one,83% of all 360 owners are online.

If you do not want to be online then get a PS4 or stick with last gen,it's that simple,I don't see many people choosing a console based on Netflix especially now with every blu ray player has Netflix,youtube and all the other stuff for free now,even Wi Fi Tvs have it now.

User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#63
All I want to do is play games with this anyway.

I rarely care about online. I have gold now, but only because I play multiplayer Borderlands with my brother. I have literally 3 people on my XBox friends list.

I am fine with only being able to pay games. I have a computer for everything else this system offers that I may be even remotely interested in doing.

User Info: Lordcrabfood

4 years ago#64
Honestly, BruceLee1974, I am sure you must be trolling. Some people like oranges, some people like apples. I prefer x box live over psn, its that simple. You are trying to force your OPINIONS on others and referring to anyone that does not agree with you as a fanboy. I have used PSN extensively and I find the menus unintuitive, the whole interface slow. It just looks like something a 13 year old kid threw together. I am sure it will improve now that sony is charging for on line, but the fact is x box live suits me more. I have tried both and made a educated choice, I am buying gold anyway so the whole pay wall argument which I find to be an asinine point of view means nothing to me.
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