So, why do you guys insult people buying a different console than you?

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  3. So, why do you guys insult people buying a different console than you?

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#21
They like to feel superior. No matter how minuscule their "feat" what I seek, Kemosabe.
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User Info: regsantotomas

4 years ago#22
Webmaster4531 posted...
regsantotomas posted...
Anonymity combined with an open forum with little perceived actual consequence for action certainly doesn't help. You combine that with fanatical insecurities and you have the mess you see on this and other board.

For myself, I find getting ruffled up either genuinely or more likely disingenuously over video games is rather absurd

It's not absurd at all. The Microsoft DRM doing well would have farther reaching consequences like the greater likelihood of Windows becoming a closed platform like Macs. That would have meant no steam and much harder to get freeware.

I try to stay away from slippery slope but I feel this would have been very possible.

I didn't state that people shouldn't openly discuss policies. I think that it is healthy to voice dissent as appropriate without unnecessary vitriol.

At the same time, this doesn't need to be discussed ad nauseam where both sides then devolve to personal insults because of endless topics covering the exact same issues.

At some point, people need to move on if a solution doesn't meet their needs and allow others to choose what works for them without harassment.
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User Info: pigman2003

4 years ago#23
Because it's easier to hate something than understand it.

User Info: Retrowire

4 years ago#24
Evel138 posted...
It all has to do with the mental disorder of being a fan(boy).

Especially in this culture, you have many that have never had a personal accomplishment. Instead, they adopt an external thing as part of their personal identity. For some, it's a sports team....for others a video game console (or brand thereof). So if if their team or console accomplishes something or "wins".....then by extension, they "win".

It's a neurotic attachment.

It's the reason 99.9999% of those that will never see a dividend from any of these companies, sit around and wax sales numbers ad's like the score card of their favorite team....and the insult are just like trash talk at the stadium.

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User Info: NewMoonShadow

4 years ago#25
People are down on people who plan to buy an XBox One because of Microsoft's blatantly anti-consumer policies. They started with the always-on DRM requirement, and now have evolved just slightly into XBox Live Gold being required to do virtually anything besides play single-player video games (and possibly watch TV?)

Microsoft overcharges for their console because of a peripheral nobody wants, and makes their online fee a requirement to use fundamentally advertised features that are free on their competitors (Skype, NetFlix, etc. etc. etc.) And to top it all off, despite charging a yearly service-fee for these features, the box is loaded down with advertisements so they can both get YOUR money yearly, and use you as an advertising tool to milk yet more money from third-party companies.

Since E3 the XBox One policy changes have changed it from an unbearably anti-consumer (and even anti-Developer) device to being passable, but it still ends up being less appealing from an objective standpoint than PC, and PS4, where its currently existing issues aren't such big issues, and the more severe issues were never a concern at all.

NetFlix is free on the Wii U for God's sakes, Hell it's free on the 3DS, and MicroSoft locks it behind their XBox Live Gold service. That's pretty s****y for a device that's specifically marketed as an "all-in-one entertainment device".

User Info: Fustmonkey

4 years ago#26
vgsrule posted...
I don't really get it.

It doesn't affect you in any way at all. All it means is they prefer that device over yours, for reasons different than yours.

You're pretty much insulting someone for having a different mindset on something where no mindset is actually bad.

This is why things like "Sony Pony" and "Xbot" are so weird to me. What motivates you to use a degrading term, exactly? What exactly is so bad that you need to use this?

I can understand using it against someone being obnoxious themselves, but why start it?

Why do you even enjoy it? It's pointless, degrading, and just goes in circles, and nothing ends up being said.

And you can have an argument without being insulting. It is entirely possible for this board to have the exact same arguments it does now, but in a less...stupid way.

I call somebody a sony pony when they come galloping over to this board or the Xbox 360 board to troll. They are the ones who come to this board to be dicks. They are the ones who come here to talk about how Sony can do no wrong with their "trey always wins" garbage mentality.

And it has nothing to do with them "buying a different console". I don't have a problem with them, I too am also buying a PS4.

They are the ones who have the problem with people on this board who are buying an Xbox One.
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User Info: Osteoporozis

4 years ago#27
Because as humans we're naturally afraid of what we don't understand. So when somebody thinks differently from us, as in the case of somebody who plays a different console, we lash out in misguided self-defense. It's the same fear that instigated almost every war in history.
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User Info: Gothmogz

4 years ago#28
legend253 posted...
Opinions don't exist.

If one purchases an "inferior" product that costs more than the competition, one is stupid, an idiot, must be convinced how wrong they are.

One wishes to voice one's opinion as fact (because opinions don't exist).

Sensible discussion does not exist.


I'm right, you're wrong-syndrome.

Swelling of the want-to-tell-people-they're-dumb gland.

That said, I'm buying an X1, PS4 doesn't appeal to me. Microsoft will buy most of the exclusives for games I want (see; Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery) or they will purchase multiplat rights for games that will run better on their console anyway (see; Catherine, any FPS, any Bethesda game, any multiplat).

Of course, that's my opinion. The PS4 is easier to develop for than the PS3, so maybe it'll be switched around this time.

Hahaha this guy doesnt know the ppl behind blue dragon and lost odyssey are at wiiu?
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User Info: Ratchetrockon

4 years ago#29
I insult other people because I find their taste preposterous.

The fact that Sony Pony's prefer a console with less graphical capabilities, less price, less games, less clouds, less functions, and less features is just stupid.

They are blinded by the media who purposely bash the xbox one even though Microsoft has done a ton of 180s since e3. I don't even think Sony is capable of doing a 180 because of how arrogant Kazuma and his staff have become.

User Info: Gambitbuzzkill

4 years ago#30
I have never insulted anyone who picked a system of there choice cause the way I look at it each one of them is amazing in their own way.
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