So, why do you guys insult people buying a different console than you?

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  3. So, why do you guys insult people buying a different console than you?

User Info: Fustmonkey

4 years ago#31
Gambitbuzzkill posted...
I have never insulted anyone who picked a system of there choice cause the way I look at it each one of them is amazing in their own way.

Right. I'm not sure what it has to do about the system. It's about the way people conduct themselves, has nothing to do with the systems.
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User Info: Private_Noob

4 years ago#32
Ratchetrockon posted... arrogant Kazuma and his staff have become.

Wait, how are they arrogant?
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#33
Ratchetrockon posted...

The fact that Sony Pony's prefer a console with less graphical capabilities, less price, less games, less clouds, less functions, and less features is just stupid.

I hope you're kidding...if not you should probably refrain from talking about things you don't understand.
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User Info: nfl89

4 years ago#34
Ramsus082 posted...
It's the mourning process. Every fanbase goes through it when it becomes clear that their console will be taking a backseat to the competition in gamers' homes. Sony fans did it when the Xbox360 was the dominant console in the States, and they grudgingly bought an X360 and got over it. Most probably figured the XboxOne would be their next console purchase, at least until E3 happened. Microsoft fans are going through a similar thing now. Consumer and industry support has obviously shifted to Sony's side at the moment, and it's an awkward transition. It always is. It's the gaming Circle of Life. Nothing new. It'll probably happen again in some form 8-10 years from now.

User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#35
I want to know my purchased is the cool thing to do. By belittling those getting the other console I raise my own personal self worth. Really, it is my way of compensating for the fact that I cannot interact with normal people IRL. It makes me feel important. If attacking people for no other reason than them having a slightly different perspective on the world isn't what being a human is about, then I don't know what it.
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User Info: AtomicMenace

4 years ago#36
Simple. Some haven't evolved.

User Info: Izec

4 years ago#37
I only criticize blind brand loyalty. If you have a logical reason to buy the console (i.e. liking the exclusive games, your multiplayer friends are buying it, etc.) it's all good. But if you're buying something that's probably going to offer you a worse experience than the alternative off of tradition alone, that's kinda sad.

Yes it's your money and you can do as you please, yet I'm also free to judge whatever decision I want, and am open to the same judgment.
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  3. So, why do you guys insult people buying a different console than you?

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