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Does Pewdiepie support the xbox one?

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  3. Does Pewdiepie support the xbox one?

User Info: iamjosh308

4 years ago#1
Just wondering
*wipes brown*

User Info: AwayFromHere

4 years ago#2
What the hell is Pewdiepie?
You are hallucinating. Seek help immediately.

User Info: HamburgerTime88

4 years ago#3
---"I'm going to bang your mouth""eat my cheese" manbirds---

User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#4
HamburgerTime88 posted...


User Info: MetroidFan9999

4 years ago#5
Uhhh..WHY is this a question??? Of course!!!
PS4 is better than Xbox One

User Info: VioletZer0

4 years ago#6
AwayFromHere posted...
What the hell is Pewdiepie?

Imagine a greasy, hairy talking pimple with a funny accent that makes jokes only 12 year olds laugh at.

That's Pewdiepie.

User Info: SpaceMarineZack

4 years ago#7
Not to be rude but is that guy Mentally Challenged.

User Info: TruthAndJustice

4 years ago#8
SpaceMarineZack posted...
Not to be rude but is that guy Mentally Challenged.

Seriously? Or is that an insult, because it would explain a lot of things, and I'm not trying to insult the guy or be disrespectful.

User Info: DarkHiei

4 years ago#9
God forbid people have different personalities. Yeah he can be a bit rambunctious, but his jokes aren't ALWAYS immature; admittedly I do groan sometimes though at some things he says. I like that he plays a wide variety of "horror" games. And he's Swedish by the way, which explains the occasionally goofy pronunciations.
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User Info: TheApd_Returns

4 years ago#10
he's everything i hate about "youtube stars". annoying, generic, forced. the only gaming channel i can watch is frankie, the rest are just too obvious with their rehearsed jokes and screams.
XBL: MauryPov1ch ... BF3 (PC): Chollima ... Steam: callmaury
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  3. Does Pewdiepie support the xbox one?

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