Why Xbox One is better than PS4?

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User Info: BloodyDove2vs

4 years ago#21
zephirraines posted...
Better games and as a real gamer that is what matters most. Better features too.

Will X1 also be home for FPSs?

casual gamers

User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#22
DerekRoss posted...
All Xbox One are...

dev kits. They have a better online service. They have an extra optional input device(Kinect). It supports external HDDs so 12TB + 500GB as a possible amount of storage compared to a max cap of 2TB on PS4. They spent more money on exclusives building 5 new AAA studio around the world. They will have a better launch lineup. They will bring innovation ON TOP of prettier graphics. And finally Titanfall. Have you seen Titanfalll?!

spoken like a true fanboy.

User Info: fusionsamurai

4 years ago#23
Xbone will come 2nd this gen. Ps4 will win. People still are afraid m$ will patch those policies back in a few years

User Info: labounti

4 years ago#24
Better online service? Sure? At the basic core they provide the exact same "feel" of playing against other players. Anything beyond that is subjective to player preferences. And everyone's isn't the same.


4 years ago#25
art_of_the_kill posted...
jjordan0002 posted...
Xbox One will still win in USA, regardless what Sony Ponies will have you believe. It may take them a year or two to overtake them, but in the end they will.

I'm sure people thought the same thing about the PS3 in 2006.

Well some slight differences. Sonys issues persisted before and after the console was released, some still to this day.

Xbox One - DRM is gone, you now get 5 microphones instead of 4, Kinect can be unplugged and Indies are taken care of.

Price is the sole difference remaining....and it's not $100, it's $??.

While success is not guaranteed in transition, you'd have to be nuts to think Microsoft couldn't levy a $450 Xbone (sans or with kinect) vs a $399 PS4 in the US, UK and other regions they comfortably lead, especially with PSN+ now a mandatory paywall and their current lineups.

User Info: Elite

4 years ago#26
richboy900 posted...
_DevilBob_ posted...
Let's see....the world HATES MS after what they tried to pull. PS4 is outselling X1 in preorders 4:1. The PS4 is more powerful, has more ram available for games (developers say projects are in the works that use up to 6 gb RAM), better exclusives, more customer trust, a smaller paywall than X1, a better looking system a better controller....a better EVERYTHING.

This topic has failed you.

a better controller on the ps4? I'd love to try some of whatever it is you are smoking.

Its too early to say so far, but for me the games lineup on the Xbox is far superior.

By far superior, you mean near identical?

Both have a few ho hum exclusives and both have a few AAA quality exclusives which keeps the playing field even.

You guys argue over the dumbest stuff, it's all personal preferences. Well except for the casual gamers where it's price that matters, which gives the PS4 a massive advantage.

User Info: Gothmogz

4 years ago#27
Tc, Fanboy or reverse troll?, I hope the second option.
Gamertag: Alehappy

User Info: DamnEvilDog

4 years ago#28
Does not matter which is better in my opinion, people will buy what they want and the games they want, if Microsoft does well and get profit then they will continue, if not then they will stop, same as Sony.

They are both companies trying to make money, and really there is no war, just idiot fanboys, why do I say this? cause they work together all the time in a sense, Google is there if you want "citation"

User Info: METALINGUS5150

4 years ago#29
If it's anything like PS3/360.
Then PS4 wins hands down in my book.
Variety of exclusives.

User Info: foreverzero14

3 years ago#30
BruceLee1974 posted...
You fogot:

Microsoft charges you for EVERYTHING
Kinect comes free with the console even if you will never use it
And MS always gives people a choice and never forces anything onto you.

Kinect is "free", yet the whole thing costs $100 more. Kinect being the only difference in the box, where does the extra $100 come from?
So my choice is "... or death?" Then I'll have the chicken!
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