Is this what happens when you come out the same year as Sony?

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User Info: NeoAnduril

4 years ago#41
Kosmo240985 posted...
you do realize the 360 came out BEFORE ps3...and ps3 had such a bad price/launch that it took them almost 4 years to get out of the gutter slump?

And yet still managed to outsell the 360.


User Info: Aone1987

4 years ago#42
Did it not seem since the PS4 reveal everyone has been overly excited. And that alot of people seemed to be ready for on Msft slipup to jumpship. Even with the changes people arent coming back, so it seems there fan base has defected.

User Info: Top_Bloke

4 years ago#43
In business you can succeed without being #1

Market share is so huge for companies and have a flow on effect into every touch point that the company has with it's customers.

With PS dominating the market during the PS2 era with 155M units sold. The expectation would have been to continue this trend. Retaining customers if easier and cheaper than bringing in new customers.

While that number is colossal, so there would have been some expectation of a minor drop, the way PS fell during the PS3 era caught Sony off guard.

It was pretty much all due to the Wii rather than the 360 though, the Wii became the console of choice for casual gamers, for families, for the office as well as the usual Nintendo fans.

MS made up a lot of ground because of releasing a year earlier than the PS3. So those hardcore gamers, xbox original fans as well as some casual gamers jumped on - some of whom may not have done so had the PS3 come out earlier.

Of these gamers, some then decided not to purchase a PS3 as they didn't see the value, or they purchased a Wii as their second console. This hurt Sony and saw their market share go from 78% to 31%!! (Xbox went from 12% to 30% market share).

There were many news reports about Sony, their financial position and whether they would continue in the gaming industry. They obviously battled through and regained 2nd place, but int he process lost nearly half the market.

From early indication we are likely to see Sony back around the 50% market share for PS4, everything has been positive Wii U has failed early and X1 has been fighting a losing battle and digging itself into and out of a grave.

As for the actual topic question - the Wii and Ps3 came out in the same year (at very different price points) and it got thoroughly beaten early.

But a strong end to the PS3 with probably some of the games of the generation, should see it back on the perch.

User Info: Masterchief5525

4 years ago#44
fretless58 posted...
People were going crazy when the PS4 was announced? I don't remember that. People were rather "meh" about the thing when it was announced. It was only when Microsoft revealed the Xbox One and revealed themselves to be hugely arrogant jackasses that people went crazy for the PS4.

This sums it up

User Info: zepfya

4 years ago#45
People went crazy about nothing pretty much, since PS4 showed nothing at E3 and only got the Sony fanboys fired up from trashing Microsoft. It's pretty sad that Sony had nothing at E3 except trash talk and still won over the fanboys. Not defending Microsoft on their stupid DRM crap but Sony was just as bad.

User Info: ItIsOkBro

4 years ago#46
HENTAIDOJI posted...
Have anyone came out the same year as a Playstation and won?


Was Xbox fans ready to jumpship, seems like it.

It was more or less as it is.

The Xbox 360 was branded Xbox 1.5 and only 1/2 as powerful as the PS3..believe it or not, people thought the PS3 would run games better - Today 360 is the oldest console on market, but has the best performance.

The PS3 was described as future-proof - Today it's sales spiral is lower than the Xbox (OG) and more aligned with gamecube, it also reflects the lowest total sales of a current generation platform.

Sony was getting it's online/ OS act together and would match the Xbox 360 very soon (mid 2007) - It never did

My personal favorite - All Xbox has is Halo - In the US the opening month Halo 3, 4 and Reach have trebled the best selling PS3 exclusive openings, Halo 2 doubled it.

Less first parties = less exclusives - PS3 has less retail exclusives than the Xbox 360 or the Wii.

Profits, ah profits. Very important. Even Sonys last place cost them $6 billion. Will Sony lost $6 billion this time to barely stay in the race? Who knows?

Even the "was a lot more expensive" thing is all over the place, the PS3 launched at $500 and had firesale after firesale (dropped to less, bigger HDD introduced and bundled with resistance and motorstorm) - it was only more expensive for 10 months.

Stop posting tbh literally no one listens to you anymore.
I'm wrong for the right.

User Info: Belberith

4 years ago#47
Kosmo240985 posted...
Porunga posted...
Kosmo240985 posted...
you do realize the 360 came out BEFORE ps3...and ps3 had such a bad price/launch that it took them almost 4 years to get out of the gutter slump?

Okay.. ps3 game out a year later, at a much higher price, had a HORRIBLE launch.. and still beat 360. You aren't helping your case here.

if you want to talk about the real winner, MS earned much more profit. the ps3 fiasco cast sony a ton of money.

why od you think sony, as a business that screwed over customers when it was doing well, (ps2 era) suddenly bends over backwards to please the gamers?

microsoft tried to move forward with its vision of gaming and sony stayed put and used that as a vantage to attack MS in the PR campaign.

in the end sony is making up for lost profit from the ps3 by staying where it's at and appeasing gamers.

don't think this is good guy sony....they are just playing an amazing PR game right now making all the right moves.

you'll see down the road when sony is making money again how much they will care about gamers.

Well neither company cares about gamers, they both are doing what will make them money. Sony just happens to be trying to make money by appealing to the hardcore, they may or may not stop appealing to that market but considering how that turned out for Microsoft lets hope this puts them in their place for a while.

Both lost tons of money this gen anyway, both were actually operating at similar financial losses(The whole 600 dollar thing and the RROD) Microsoft just had the added cash from Xbox Live which put them in the green.

Source on what I just said by the way.

MS was losing tons of money until Live memberships increased and Sony was able to balance out the cash post 2009.
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