What's the deciding factor for you?

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User Info: RussellGorall

4 years ago#21
It sure as hell isn't Rockstar fanboys telling me the next gen doesn't start until Grand Theft Horse 2 drops.
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User Info: RussellGorall

4 years ago#22
How many losers have their PC specs in their sig, I just ignore them like society does them.
PSN - honkayjeezus

User Info: CyhortI82

4 years ago#23
uwhawk09 posted...
The deciding factor was the games and Xbox Live. That's why pre-ordered right after E3. All the other stuff is just icing on the cake.

Add in the Kinect and the HDMI passthrough and slap a "this" onto my post.
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I love DLC :) Story>gameplay>>>graphics.

User Info: crucial

4 years ago#24
I like FPS so it's a easy choice for me,plus all my friends are moving over as well,I will how ever get a PS4 once it gets a few price drops.

User Info: Styrof0am

4 years ago#25
I have several:

> Teething problems and how they're fixed (if any)
> Games
> Quality of online features for multiplayer

User Info: zmknightz

4 years ago#26
Kinect is the only thing keeping me from buying a XBO retail. As they've said they have no plans to sell the console without Kinect I will wait a few months pick one up without it from Craigslist or a trade-in store. Like every console accessory they will break and there will be systems sold second-hand without them.

User Info: Chao_Yun

4 years ago#27
zephirraines posted...
Chao_Yun posted...
PainoGamer posted...
To be honest, I was 100% set on buying a PS4 when E3 rolled around, but after Microsoft reverted their terrible decisions on the Xbone, I feel like I'm leaning back towards the Xbox. I've had all of the Xboxes, and I never had a PS3, so its more of a hassle for me to start completely from scratch on a new console.

If Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15, and Metal Gear Solid 5 were all PS4 exclusives, I definitely would have gone for the PS4, but since they're not (and that really surprised me) I'll probably get the Xbone now, since I really really want to play Titanfall and Dead Rising 3.

The PS4 exclusive are a huge hit or miss for me, I was never a fan of Infamous or Killzone (and I've played them) and that weird 1866 game looks meh.

So you go for TF, an almost certain multi, over 1886? Ryse is at least an argument. Want a AAA exclusive? FF14. Microsoft doesn't like blurring international barriers, especially when exchange rates are involved.

Wait a minute..... since when is FF14 AAA let alone exclusive.... You know it failed so bad that they knocked it back into ALPHA.

Have you played it?
Forest trees are greener.

User Info: GundamBansheeFA

4 years ago#28
Getting both so.. Was just happy that xb1 turned around. Now i get 2 great systems.

Wii u is so last gen that devs decide not to make next gen games for it.
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