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User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#11
Crotch Punch: The Game
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User Info: GotTruth

4 years ago#12
meh. MMA aint been the same since ole man Gracie was forced out of the organization he founded.

UFC in the current, watered-down form it exist today, is offensive to it founding.

Man I remember back in '93 when Royce Gracie(hand picked to represent the Gracie Family by Rorion himself) summited Jimmerson, Shamrock and Gordeau in succession. With only a few minute breather in between fights. G-D that was something to see. THOSE were/are your ULTIMATE fighters.

It was also a more "pure" competition of skill between STYLES. No weight classes, and skilled fighters that were out-weighed, and out-reached STILL kicked the hinds of GIANTS.

What they get away with calling "UFC" today is just outright SHAMEFULL. Its all single matches. Tournament Matches are where you REALLY show what your made of. The rules were FAR more simple; No Biting or Eye Gouging, groin strikes, head-butts, and even a "fish-hooking" were merely frowned on. Cause you know its supposed to be ULTIMATE.

The PoS McCain got involved and now we have a watered down, half-a$$ed version of what was once the GREATEST competition of not only Fighters, but of Fighting Styles that the modern world ever got to see.

Now it all, Single Matches, you can/can't do this, and freaking EVERY fighter to a ONE is all ground and pound with a bit of submission if they can find the time.

Sorry, I know I kinda went off on this one, but I just cringe when I hear the initials "UFC" anymore. I still remember when it was..... ULTIMATE.
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User Info: gzus_AD

4 years ago#13
Fighter Within gif:
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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#14
GotTruth posted...

I'll agree that it was certainly more entertaining watching two fighters with two completely different styles go at it, but after recently re-watching the first 20 or so UFCs, I was surprised to find it was far more pathetic than I remembered.

There was a final with Royce vs some grappler, and Royce took him to the ground with a rather pathetic looking takedown, and the grappler tapped as he was falling because he was too scared of being submitted.

Then you had Ken 'the most dangerous man in the world' Shamrock, and 99% of his fights were spent lying on top of his opponent doing absolutely nothing. Hell, he didn't even wear gloves on his early fights because he obviously never intended to strike.

I agree that it would be great to see the UFC mix it up a bit nowadays with tournaments and matches without weight classes, and hell, I'd eve be all for bringing back the Gi, but today's fighters on are on a different level to the majority of those from the early UFC.

Oh, they do need to change the rules though. As a grappler it really pisses me off that a guy on the bottom that's attempting multiple submissions every round can still lose out in points to a guy that gets frequent takedowns and then dose nothing with them.
Top position should not be an automatic win, and it should count as a neutral position if you don;t attempt to pass, strike or submit.

I'd also be all for it if when a round ends on the ground that the fighters start on the ground in guard for the next round. Really sucks to see a submission fight work all night for a takedown, only to get one right before the bell.

And knees to the body and leg kicks need to be scored accordingly too. If seems that the judges completely disregard the damage body shots do, and they'll always reward the fighter that cuts the face of his opponent the round, regardless of how many leg kicks or body shots the guy takes.

There's my little rant for you. Getting pretty bored with the UFC anyway. I prefer watching amateur fights nowadays.
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User Info: XphoenixedgeX

4 years ago#15
The gameplay looks horrible. With or without Kinect.

User Info: TheOmacron

4 years ago#16
BeefEaster posted...
Crotch Punch: The Game

Bravo, I laughed out loud.

It looks like the Kinect 2.0 will have the same limitation as the Kinect 1.0.

That lag is horrible. How could anyone make a game with a delay like that? The only game types that appear to work are dance and exercise games that are only trying to see if the player matches a predefined move instead of trying to interpret the players intent from all possible actions. Those games are also more resistance to input lag.

User Info: Lefty128k

4 years ago#17
RyuuHou25 posted...
Well that's about the stupidest looking game ever. That's just as bad as that Move based fighting game on PS3.

The Fight (move) is actually a well thought out game.

That Kinect game....I don't know what that was....were they slap fighting?

User Info: PlayaMadeTxn05

4 years ago#18

Eh, no one really uses the Kinect for Kinect only games anyway, unless it's for Just Dance or Dance Central.

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User Info: ItIsOkBro

4 years ago#19
Dot dot f***ing dot

"it's really one-to-one" *character on screen drop-kicks opponent*

@1:13. Hilarious.
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User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#20
You know its truly bad when the Microsoft Defense Force doesn't even bother to defend it.
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