Release Date??

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User Info: Darkness3389

3 years ago#1
So now that MS didn't announce a release date at Gamescom when do you expect that they will. Only TGS is left.
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User Info: 15RC

3 years ago#2
Doesn't Ms usually have an event in September? Either way, I'm guessing September.
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User Info: MegaWinFTW

3 years ago#3
I really doubt they'd do it at TGS, especially since Japan isn't even one of the launch countries.

I can only assume that they'll just announce it through their website or something, could happen any day. Not doing it at Gamescom is a bit suspicious though, makes me think they still don't know themselves.

User Info: Top_Bloke

3 years ago#4
They might want to do it on 'home soil'.

The longer they wait the more anxious people get though, locking in a release date also assures buyers know when they'll get it and will be more likely to put down money.

User Info: Darkness3389

3 years ago#5
Yeah TGS seems really unlikely since MS already stated that Japan wasn't a huge target for them. It just seems odd for MS to just announce randomly or to create an even for it that doesn't tie in with a larger gaming event. Anytime during Gamescom could have been perfect. They should have just held their press conference for the last day of Gamescom and announce it then.
GT- EndingEye - Patriots, Lakers, Dodgers, Galaxy & Kings Fan
Kobe Bryant 81 points V.S. Toronto Raptor 1/22/06 Historic

User Info: Fustmonkey

3 years ago#6
why does it matter? Let Sony announce theirs first. Then MS can pretend to announce theirs, then Sneaky Sony will change theirs, then MS can open the time capsule that they hard buried the whole time, which contains the actual release date which will be 2 weeks before whatever date Sneaky Sony commits to.
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User Info: matt-nicklin

3 years ago#7
It will probably be announced after the Sony event, as Sony might announce their release date for the ps4.
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User Info: HypnoCoosh

3 years ago#8
MS has no idea this is unbelievable
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User Info: TheKing012

3 years ago#9
my sources tell me it'll be "sometime next year".

User Info: CyhortI82

3 years ago#10
PAX is next week, so maybe then.
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