Elder Scrolls Online requires monthly subscription.

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User Info: SaintFC_

3 years ago#31
richisdisturbed posted...
I was majorly looking forward to this game but there is no way I'm paying for the game, LIVE, broadband & THEN a monthly sub!

If they make the game a free download, then we can talk. Failing that, I'll wait the year or 2 it takes for them to realize monthly subs don't work on consoles & jump onboard when they do a 'free from subs' version.

Then why are you buying an X1 if you don't want to pay the sub??? Surely PS4 would be the console for you if you don't like paying subscription fees.
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User Info: MasteroftheArts

3 years ago#32
Yay. A game that doesn't hide all the content behind a stupid item mall that restricts a majority of content and actually results in you paying more than $15 a month to stay competitive. Of course, the people who don't pay a thing are the ones who force the developer to make the games pay2win so that the hardcore players will shell out the money to compete with each other. Not to mention the freeloaders tend to be appropriately terrible as they rarely play routinely, contribute nothing to guilds if they're even in one, and enjoy ruining PUG's. Obviously this is not representative of all games and communities, but a majority of them I've found to be a miserable experience.

I am sick to death of F2P MMO's; the same uninspired environments with virtually no coherent storyline that recycle the same insipid kill quests until you've grinded to max level. They are the lowest common denominator of MMO's. They can die in a fire.

Keeping servers running, employing CSR's/GM's and additional content running requires money. This is all irrespective of the fact that this game already is budgeting tens, possibly over a hundred million dollars on this game. AAA quality results in premium prices. Take me back to EQ/DAoC/WoW (pre-burning crusade) times.

Of course playing on Live is going to be annoying because of the paywall, so I'm not sure what Microsoft is going to do to entice people to choose their service over Sony's. Not that it matters to me. I can't imagine myself playing an MMO on a console to begin with.
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