Non Removable Hard Drive, Size, Inferior Specs still put me off buying Xbox one

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User Info: wheepitup

4 years ago#31
josuna123 posted...
Skynet82997 posted...
wheepitup posted...
LithiumDeal26 posted...
mAtRiXrIpOfF posted...
Even if they remove the kinect bundle and price match PS4 I still put off buying one because:

If hard drive in xbox one stops spinning and dies out on me then Im screwed and have to buy a another xbox one console.

Its Big and Ugly and could be really loud.

Specs are still inferior compare to PS4. Im willing to consider accepting this if its cheaper than PS4. Inferior Specs should be cheaper for example a Porche 911 should not be more expensive than a Porche 911 Turbo. Powered by Cloud computing is useless now cause Internet is not mandatory on xbox one.

So many things wrong...

1- I've never had a HD die on a console, stupid thing to be worried about. If it does break for some reason, you buy an external HD, not a whole new system.

2- Every report I've seen says the system actually runs real quiet, like a "whisper", but hey, I understand, the aesteics of a console are totally important, I hope mine is pink and covered in glitter personally.

3- Neither of the consoles will use full specs ever, and if you really care about specs so much, I hope you enjoyed your Jaguar while everyone else was playing Genesis,SNES and Playstation, since it was 64 bits!

Xbone white knights are so pathetic.

Far less pathetic than losers with no lives trolling a board of a console they never intend to buy.

This. I'm still buying a PS4 and a XB1, but it embarrasses me to be part of the Sony community with people like this.

I own both a 360 and PS3, along with a windows 7 gaming PC, so lol @ your assumptions. One can think the Xbone is garbage and not be a fanboy.
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User Info: SegavsCapcom

4 years ago#32
How do any of those really effect the console? The things you listed were more or less nitpicks.
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User Info: NeoMonk

4 years ago#33
Demonedge posted...
You can use USB for extra storage space if you need it (say for hooking up a second Hard drive)

That's what you want... External devices connected to the "BOX THAT DOES IT ALL"
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User Info: ManInGorillaSut

4 years ago#34
Joey-Zaza posted...
I used to think a lot like you TC, but then suddenely I didn't at all and I never did.

Weren't you shot like 3 times by Michael's nephew? How are you still alive?
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User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#35
mAtRiXrIpOfF posted...
Specs are still inferior compare to PS4. Im willing to consider accepting this if its cheaper than PS4.

My thoughts exactly.

User Info: 6speednissan

4 years ago#36
TC may have valid points, but I prefer a superior online service with dedicated servers. The controller is also second to none. I'll take marginally worse graphics and a bigger console that sits behind the tv.

User Info: crucial

4 years ago#37
Specs won't mean a thing just like last gen,yes some of the PS3 exclusives looked great but 3rd party game's ether looked the same or worse and same as the gameplay,3rd party's will use the spec's of the less powerful one and take it from there.

When was the last time a console that was the most powerful win a console war?

User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#38
less options the better apparently for some people.

Do yourself a favor tc. and save $100. Get a PS4. You will feel good when looking back after 2 years. And you'll laugh at this board by then too.
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User Info: ScRui

4 years ago#39
TC before using Porsche 911/911 turbo analogy you should know what the **** your taking about...

That's all...
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User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#40
For me, Kinect 2.0 and the power of the Cloud and the exclusives for Xbox #1 far outweigh the non-removeable hard drive.

John Carmack says Xbox #1 and ps4 are not far apart, capability wise.

PS3 was more powerful than Xbox360 but the games look the same.
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