Non Removable Hard Drive, Size, Inferior Specs still put me off buying Xbox one

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User Info: Capt_Herlock

4 years ago#41
I don't play consoles, I play video games.

User Info: M1911A1

4 years ago#42
MRL3G3ND posted...
these are irrefutable facts that turned me off

this is not the console for the next 8 years

they really dropped the ball here...everybody knows it (except the hardcore fans, who would buy a turd and defend it)...

But I am a logical consumer...and the features that they tout are useless for me, and I'm a hardcore gamer...they totally missed out on the things I (and other people) consider important for a next gen system.

I have Kinect...would not ever purposefully buy it ever again... I don't care how much spin they try to give me.

I'm not going to pay an extra $100 dollars for a 2nd place product

A half a grand for a gaming system that doesn't consider gaming the top priority? You have to be out of your mind

I think MS was forward thinking in their approach...but like the 360, it has to be a superior gaming system before anything else.

cable watchers, sports fanatics, & 5 y/o's will not be camped out on a cold cold November launch night. It will be hard core gamers ready for the next level of gaming entertainment...

I just don't see it least not for half a grand you must be kidding me...

God I'm sick of people using this phrasing for $500. Seriously, why would you type out half a grand instead of the shorter $500. Nobody says half a grand. You probably say ten hundred for 1000 don't you?

User Info: matt-nicklin

4 years ago#43
mAtRiXrIpOfF posted...
Even if they remove the kinect bundle and price match PS4 I still put off buying one because:

If hard drive in xbox one stops spinning and dies out on me then Im screwed and have to buy a another xbox one console.

Its Big and Ugly and could be really loud.

Specs are still inferior compare to PS4. Im willing to consider accepting this if its cheaper than PS4. Inferior Specs should be cheaper for example a Porche 911 should not be more expensive than a Porche 911 Turbo. Powered by Cloud computing is useless now cause Internet is not mandatory on xbox one.

Then you know what? Don't buy it, it's a as simple as that. I'm sick of all the topics about why people aren't buying it. Fair enough that's your opinion about it and I understand why some people don't want it.
But stop making like 5000 topics on why you don't want it, no body cares. Let the people who are looking forward to the console or interested in it talk about it.
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User Info: mAtRiXrIpOfF

4 years ago#44
teehee23 posted...
For me, Kinect 2.0 and the power of the Cloud and the exclusives for Xbox #1 far outweigh the non-removeable hard drive.

John Carmack says Xbox #1 and ps4 are not far apart, capability wise.

PS3 was more powerful than Xbox360 but the games look the same.

Power of the cloud is not available because it was dependant on the mandatory internet connection policy which microsoft reversed.
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  3. Non Removable Hard Drive, Size, Inferior Specs still put me off buying Xbox one

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