Gamescom - Xbox One games run on Xbox One, PS4 still Windows 7 PC's?

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User Info: Brundru

4 years ago#101
I'm no fanboy of either system, but to say that Sony is not ready when the clear passed the FCC months ago. And there has been no word on Microsoft passing FCC. Also if Microsoft was ready don't you think by now they would have announced an actual released date over continually saying that it will launch in November, Microsoft may be close to be ready for NA release but I highly doubt that they are near complete for the other regions that will get the system in November. Only Sony and Microsoft know fully if there systems are ready at this stage. But I would like to think that both systems are just about ready, because I can't wait until the next gen consoles are released.

User Info: AtomicPenguin76

4 years ago#102
pblimp360 posted...
All of which is irrelevant to my point. Stop trying to defend your fellow trolls.

The point that escapes you is that the Sony boys were crying left and right about MS having their games on PC's that ran with their specs, even after titles were shown to be on Xbox One's, such as Forza and Killer Instinct.

Go see someone about that "hurrr" problem.

Think about this for just one second, please.

The point that actually escapes you is that there isn't anything for Sony fans to say here, because Sony wasn't running things at their booth on dev kits and at E3 they weren't making wild claims about their system and framerates in the first place while only running the games on dev kits. It's why Microsoft is making such a point at this show that they're running on actual Xbox One machines, because the people complaining last time actually had a real valid point...the same reason they've changed so many other things about the system and their approach since that last show. I'm sorry you can't see that.

The "hurr" thing is because idiots that like to make everything out to be a fanboy war, you can only either be a Sony fan or an Xbox fan as if people never, ever buy more than one system. I said "Hurrr" because of the rant about "Sony boys" not getting it, while completely ignoring the fact pointed out in the very thread that everyone here is talking about that Sony wasn't using the dev kits and were running their games on actual PS4's. As in, the Xbox people here who are feeling all vindicated-like don't even have a point, but they're trying to shove that non-point into "Sony fans" face despite not realizing that.

The whole in-your-face-Sony-lovers when Sony wasn't even doing the same thing is just... you really don't get the problem there?

User Info: hrj

4 years ago#103
Yeomanly posted...
All games at gamescom were running on 'real' xbox ones, they are on open display with all cables connected to prove a point, and that is they are ready, sony are not.

LOL Sony is launching in 32 regions.
Microsoft is launching in 13 regions after delaying it in 8.
It´s pretty clear one of them is ready to launch a console this year while the other is not.
PSN/GT - Hennaboy

User Info: kingrat2314

4 years ago#104
mrshowtime333 posted...
Reading through that thread is hilarious, as im sure this thread will be.

I remember at E3 when Xbox had some games running on PC and it was a HUGE DEAL according to the Sony guys. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and its "not a big deal".

Just like how when xbox games were playing on a pc at E3, it wasn't a big deal, but now that the PS4 version of Need for Speed was playing on a pc at gamescom, it is a big deal to the MS guys. How strange. It's almost as if... fanboys... are hypocrites.
Tread lightly.

User Info: NeoAnduril

4 years ago#105
AtomicPenguin76 posted...
you really don't get the problem there?

You're talking to a guy who's sole purpose here is to annoy people because his console of choice isn't doing as well as he'd like.


4 years ago#106

IGN is now saying there are no actual PS4s.

User Info: JWJW99

4 years ago#107
HENTAIDOJI posted...

IGN is now saying there are no actual PS4s.

Scott Lowe...HAHAHAHAH..the same guy that wrote the article about the PS4 lacking on BF4 .... what a stand up guy...guess he missed the Vita doing remote play on AC4 live at Gamescom. You don't need hands on when you have a live feed showing how it works.

Heres the link to that remote play btw..

Sad part is now I know Scott Lowe doesn't have any credentials left. He should leave IGN and go work for CNN..he would fit right in.

User Info: Snake_Eyes_v3

4 years ago#108
Where's the outrage at Sony by all the usual sony fanboy douchebags that troll here?
Ninja Farm

User Info: mankindismymask

4 years ago#109
PS4 running on any kind of Windows is the funniest joke for me today.
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