Phil Harris "XBOX ONE is KINECT" Saying "XBOX on" is a "very magical experience"

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User Info: Izec

3 years ago#31
Not paying $100 to say Xbox on.
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3 years ago#32
Spetsnaz420 posted...
I don't get why some people think this is a big still have to pick up your TV remote and change the channel as well as pick a controller to play any non Kinect games. I whole heartedly feel like Kinect is one of x1s biggest obstacles.

No you don't. Kinect has IR for that.

It's more about naturality. It's basically Jarvis from Iron Man

"Xbox activate home entertainment system, import preferences for videogame playback, chart a flight path to miami and load recent save point for Battlefield 4 Engineer class"

"Yes sir"

User Info: LadyYachiru

3 years ago#33
Izec posted...
Not paying $100 to say Xbox on.

Surprised it took so long for this to pop up...Support!
Vita teneat nisi miseriam.

User Info: Heracylost

3 years ago#34
I'm pretty positive that it's not magical. I'm pretty sure you can't put anymore polish on the turd known as kinect. It sucks MS start dealing with it.
Cuz I'm not going to til it's gone.

User Info: _Sovereign_

3 years ago#35
...explained that being able to say "Xbox on" and have the system boot up and load his profile is a "very magical experience."

I feel sorry for people like this. A simple button press registers quicker than saying that phrase clearly enough for the Kinect to recognize it properly. Is it neat? Yes, but again ^^
I do not return to topics. I say my peace and move on. If you draw issues with what I say, then by all means, inbox me.

User Info: FernieODST

3 years ago#36
Izec posted...
Not paying $100 to say Xbox on.
I dont like MW2, i dont play MW2, so i dont go on the boards. Why do people who hate reach and dont play it post on the boards?
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User Info: Flippyman

3 years ago#37
At least he didn't say "religious experience."

User Info: gogogodzilla

3 years ago#38
Can I change the vocabulary that the Kinect recognizes for each action?

I mean, "Xbox on" is just boring.

I want to say, "The Giant Chicken of Bristol" to activate the Xbox1!!!
My Chicken says, "Cluck!"

User Info: Orange_Apples

3 years ago#39
DelRowe posted...
teehee23 posted...
Definitely agree with Phil and Kinect is going to be "a very magical experience" never to be forgotten.

Where have you been?

holy crap, it seems like someone over there found the teehee23 account password again.
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User Info: tadmfpole

3 years ago#40
Sales are going to be magical too because of that amazing device they are being stubborn as **** about.
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