Microsoft Confirms It: XBOX ONE Will Never Come Without Kinect

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User Info: XtremeWRATH360

4 years ago#61
Its really mind boggling that they rather force the device on us rather than selling us on it and showing us high quality games that make us WANT TO USE IT!.

Guess since its forced on us MS doesn't feel the need to market the Kinect at all.
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User Info: clevermoniker

4 years ago#62
regsantotomas posted...
Jiggy101011 posted...
Does this mean that all of the people who have said in this topic that they arent getting one will now leave this board? This sounds like great news to me!

It is likely that many will continue to try to save us "misguided" souls from our personal entertainment choices.

Oh goody! I've always wanted some jerk to tell me what I should spend my own damn money on...

User Info: plaguedog519

4 years ago#63
They shouldn't make a separate offering for a console without the Kinect. A huge part of the Xbox One vision is the Kinect support. The DRM was a bold step that console gamers are just not ready for. The online requirement was unnecessary, but it was so that every developer could utilize cloud computing. It was a great idea in theory, but not every game requires cloud computing, and not every household has an internet setup that can support it. We will start seeing XB1 games that will have the online requirement because of the cloud computing support, and I think it will ease console gamers into the next generation requiring Internet connection.

The Kinect however, is a major part of the XB1 philosophy. They clearly want developers to ultilize it, not just for stupid dance games, but to heighten the sense of immersion. The flip-flopping on the requirement for connectivity makes sense, because with so many working parts, if the Kinect stops working, it would have bricked a perfectly good system. If anything goes wrong with the Kinect, there won't be people outraged that their system doesn't work while MS deals with replacements and whatnot. People will still be able to play the majority of their games if such an issue should arise.

Ultimately, XB1 gamers will always have the option to decide whether or not to utilize the functionality that Kinect provides. It won't be a decision along the lines of "ugh, do I want to buy this game knowing I need to lay down another $100-150 for a Kinect just for the functionality I think will be pretty neat?" It will always be there for them to try out.

That said, I'm not interested in motion gaming, enhanced TV, or fantasy sports, that Microsoft is touting for the XB1, so I will not be purchasing it at launch - instead opting for the PS4. Ultimately, I think what XB1 is doing by standing their ground with the Kinect being packaged in is a good thing though. If they were to flip-flop on that, I would actually be turned off from buying a system down the line (once the price has dropped), due to what would appear to be Microsoft throwing away what their vision of their system was, just to try and get a few more console sales.
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User Info: VioletZer0

4 years ago#64
So if you hate the Kinect... you hate the Xbox One.
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