How is skill measured in the BF?

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User Info: Dev445

3 years ago#1
Halo - Good loadout, Nice team, Knowing the map (every shooter really), Being accurate with your shots, you can't spray and pray, Grenade placement.

COD - Being fast, knowing the map, picking right guns, Good Perks and killstreaks or ones your good with using

With BF though how do you stand out? Or rather what's the skill set for it?
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User Info: sworder

3 years ago#2
teamwork and accuracy

with 64 players, at the very least you should have a good squad if you wanna do anything. one person won't win the game

User Info: FinzFan4life

3 years ago#3
Your skill alone, accuracy is Key, to me Battlefield test your skill more so then a lot of shooters, it's not a spray and pray like a lot of other shooters, team work is key as well as communication to me Battlefield is 100x better then COD, but I want both to go back to ww2 thats my fav place for multiplayer FPS games
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User Info: TheApd_Returns

3 years ago#4
BF1942: can drive a tank or use artillery? can you play as a medic?
BFV: lol
BF2: can you fly a jet? congrats, you've won the map for your team
BF2142: can you spam RDX and LMG?
BFBC and BFBC2: dont care
BF1943: can you fly the zero?
BF3: can you use the M16, or M4+repair tool? can you use the TV missile and cannon in a chopper?

I think people tend to imagine that BF is more skill-intensive than it actually is. The gunplay has always been on the crappy end due to poor mechanics and poor netcoding, so infantry combat comes down to picking the least gimped weapon. vehicles combat comes down to mastering whichever vehicles in the series is capable of rapid 1 hit kills from afar. a good example are the planes in BF2 and BF1943... simply overpowered, and two good players in planes can lock down a map.

it's a fun series but i'd hardly call it requiring more "skill" or being more "intellectual". it only seems that way because it's easier to get screwed by having a stupid team, but otherwise, pointwhoring with OP weapons/vehicles has always been the theme of the series, just like CoD and everything else out there.
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