Why didn't Microsoft left Rare go?

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User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#1
They left Bungie go, why not Rare? Killer Instinct would have been great multiplatform.
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User Info: fretless58

4 years ago#2
Because anyone with any talent or balls left Rare after Nuts & Bolts came out. Now it's just filled with developer drones that Microsoft uses to make Kinect Sports games.

User Info: sworder

4 years ago#3
Rare did leave. They formed the studio that made the Timesplitters games, which were amazing. They were later bought by Crytek IIRC

User Info: HeavyLight

4 years ago#4
uhh that $375 mil
if they sell rare for a mil, wouldn't everbody will say ms is dumb
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