Why most gamers will get PS4 where X1 has better games?

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User Info: strawberry11

4 years ago#41
It might not seem like it, but a good many people are rational.

Buying a console is quite a lot of money at £350-£429 (UK prices). People realize that is a long term decision as a console generation tend to stick around for a while.

So they will bring in a whole cocktail of factors into their decision making. e.g.:
Past experience
What are my friends buying

Their views on these things are to an extent subjective but also different people will weigh these factors differently depending on their preferences and circumstances and try to bring objectivity into the equation.
For instance, we have one tv in our household. Therefore the PS4 with Vita remote play feature sounds useful to me, whist the ability to watch TV through the XB1 sounds the opposite of useful.

For someone who doesn't own the Vita or has no interest in it, and has more than one tv to share with their family, the decision making will skew differently.

There will also be a degree of brand loyalty. This isn't necessarily irrational.

For instance, I might look at the launch line ups and decide that XB1 has a better roster. But I also know that Sony have studios like Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Japan Studio and Santa Monica working away on games for the PS4. For me and many others that is enough. Long term, based on my experience to date, I feel that PS4 will cater to my gaming preferences more than XB1 because of Sony's 1st party developers.

If MS hadn't announced Halo 5 at E3, would Halo fans be thinking to themselves "oh-no there isn't going to be a Halo on XB1...". No, they wouldn't. Because their experience of MS informs them that the company is dedicated to the Halo franchise.

Sony 'fans' also know that from past experience it takes a while for the truly amazing games to appear on Sony consoles, but that when they do then things can gather an amazing momentum.
E.g. PS2 launched Spring 2000. The launch line up was pretty meh and it stayed like that for a while. But then in summer 2001 came Grand Turismo 3, and later that year GTA3, Silent Hill 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer. After that amazing games for PS2 never stopped.

A lot of people will also be looking at the way Sony is supporting the PS3 and the exclusives it is continuing to get even now compared to XB360, and that will inform their long term decision making.

It is a subjective POV of course, but a lot of people have come to the conclusion that MS really started to abandon their core base after Kinect came out. What are they getting in 2013? A Gears of War game? PS3 is getting The Last of Us; Final Fantasy 14RR; Beyond Two Souls; God of War; Gran Turismo 6; Dragons Crown; not to mention the smaller games like Puppeteer & Rain.

Its about taking a long term view based on a whole plethora of factors beyond looking at a snap shot of launch games
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User Info: urizem

4 years ago#42
In my case, the PS4 suits better.

1° I like RPG, Action, Adventure, platform games. PS4 will have more of that.

2° I don't like FPS. This type of game is the most famous in the XB1.

3° I like real racing simulation. The Forza is a very cool looking game, but, Gran Turismo is a better game, IMO.

4° Until today, i don't have a single Xbox (XBox, XBox 360 and XB1) game that interest me, that was not released in the playstation(PS2, PS3 and PS4), IMO.

5° I don't like multiplayer games, i sincerely buy games only for the single player. I played only two games online, that's was Mass Effect 3 and The Last of US.
Great games IMO, but i played the online just for a week, maybe even less. So, all that stuff about XB1 having dedicated servers don't mean nothing to me.

6° I don't like Fighting games. So i don't care about the Killer Instinct or about any game of this genre.

7° The last real years of the console (360 and PS3) we have a lot of good games only for the PS3, like The Last of US, The Gran Turismo 6, Ni no Kuni, Dragon's Crown, Tales of Xilia, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, Beyond: Two Souls, Sly Cooper, God of War: Ascension, Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus, etc.
And for the 360, the only games that i really care, was multiplataform, like Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising, DmC, Dead Space 3 and the upcoming games like GTAV, Watchdogs.
So i believe that in the future, we can count with the PS4 for games until the very end, and the XB1 will have a lot of multi-plataform and not exclusives from microsoft, like now. And i think that microsoft alrealdy think the x360 is dead.

8° The exclusives from sony is, IMO, better than any other. The Nintendo exclusives is more famous, but i never really like then. I owned a NES and a SNEs, and i don't finished any game of Mario, because i think that they are boring, and never played for Zelda, Metroid or Pokemon. The only game that i played and finished from nintendo was the Donkey Kong series, they are really cool in the times.
And in Sony side we have Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo, Ratchet and Clank, InFamous, whatever game of the ICO franchise, LittleBigPlanet, etc.

So, for me, the PS4 is better and i will buy the PS4. But only in February or March, i still have a lot of PS3 games to play and i can wait a little longer.

The next gen of consoles, will be most like the all others gen, for me. I will buy the playstation because, i prefer the PS. Nothing against the Xbox and Game Cube in the PS2 era, nothing against the X360 and Wii in the PS3 era and nothing against the XB1 and WiiU in the PS4 era. Just personal gamer taste.

people should stop with the stupid console and fanboy wars, that's childish.

All of that is, of course, IMO.
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User Info: Exodus_Prime

4 years ago#43
Orange_Apples posted...
I'm getting PS4 because I like the features more than XB1.

remote play > kinect

Final Fantasy stopped being exclusive this current gen, so that shouldn't be a factor. Metal Gear stopped be exclusive last gen. half of Kingdom Hearts' games have been on Nintendo, so they aren't exclusive either.

Why are people acting like these games coming to Xbox is such a big deal?

It is a big deal If it wasn't they would of stayed on other consoles. Well I wouldn't call DS,3DS a console but still. I only really count KH,KH2 as real full games the ones on DS are more like side stories.

Why a big deal? If you didn't notice those games are on the top ten message boards for both consoles. And were you not here while E3 was going and they announced FF,KH3 for Xbox One the fanboys were going crazy from both sides. Anyways I reserved KH hd remix on PS3 but I think it's cool to see KH3 on both consoles.
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4 years ago#44
Because Microsoft normally starts dropping support after 2-4 years. People like their consoles to be supported for atleast 5-6 years.

User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#45
TheSL1Club posted...

PS3 still has tons of exclusives coming out right now, how is that an opinion? That's a fact, whether you like those games or not are a different story, but the fact is it has more exclusives coming out than xbox 360 and this is even towards the end of its life cycle.

What are these tons of exclusives? MS certainly has tons of exclusives still in development and we've gotten word of Halo 5 and its massive changes already.

Who is more stupid? Someone who buys a console for the launch titles or someone who buys a console for 7 years later, of by which time you have no idea what games are out?

1)You are pretty stupid if you think history repeats itself so neatly every generation, especially since we've already had 7 generations and almost every generation is different.
2)If you really are even going by history at all, then the history of the 7th generation says that the Xbox will destroy the PS4 for the first 3 to 4 years. It had all the western AND Japanese support while Sony was pumping out bad to mediocre games like Heavenly Sword, Lair, Haze and Warhawk.

You say PS3 is still having more games even at the end of its life cycle... first of all, its one year shorter than MS and secondly, its ONLY having more games at the end of the life cycle. So if you want to use the dumb logic that history will repeat itself exactly like the 7th generation then you shouldn't be buying a PS4 until 3 years later, when its like $200.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#46
THE_PS1_PATRIOT posted...
Because Microsoft normally starts dropping support after 2-4 years. People like their consoles to be supported for atleast 5-6 years.

But then thats the same as saying Sony doesn't support their system for like the first 4 years.
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User Info: WartPig_

4 years ago#47
if you buy based on launch titles you're not so bright.

look at wich companies first party franchies you like best then decide.

it turns out they will make more games than the ones in the launch window.

or you know get both
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User Info: rusty12000

4 years ago#48
This is normally true until the 'brand' spits in your face and tells you to enjoy it.
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User Info: greatone101

4 years ago#49
Ryse ? I rather take Infamous
Froza? I rather take Drive Club
Titanfall? I rather just wait for the PS4 version
Killer Instant? Lol
Dead Rising 3? I never liked the first two games anyways so i rather take the Order 1886
Halo 5? I rather take Killzone, i grew tired of Halo after playing Halo 3 (though Reach wasnt that bad)

And i think there you have it, Why people would take PS4 over X1. Sure X1 has some exclusives but PS4 has its share. Besides people are pissed off at MS and that is another reason why they are getting PS4 instead.

User Info: chrish909

4 years ago#50
Sony is still making gamesfor ps3 because they spent years building the install base, and they need $$

Ms is making games for x1 because thats their new product theyre pushing
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