Your top 3 xbox one games your most excited for..

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User Info: WTFNightmare

4 years ago#21
KiritoArt posted...
1. Final Fantasy XV
2. Kingdom Hearts 3
3. Titanfall

woooooow. i forgot about kh3 and ff15.. even metal gear. Omg this gen is going to be sick
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User Info: crucial

4 years ago#22
2.BF4 and CoD(tie)
3.Dragon Age 3

I really want Witcher 3 and DR3 as well but you said top 3 8)

User Info: Decimator11

4 years ago#23
Kingdom Hearts 3
Dead Rising 3

User Info: Fustmonkey

4 years ago#24
Crimson Dragon
Dead Rising 3

Sorry can't narrow it down to three. Forza would also be on the list but I'm waiting for the Fanatec solution, or for the next gen high quality racing wheel.
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User Info: xboxxx1

4 years ago#25
Snow board kids
Wcw revenge

User Info: falkedup

4 years ago#26
The Crew
Battlefield 4
Killer Instinct

(The division would be on there but it's not coming out till late next year)

User Info: jonathanlachape

4 years ago#27
The only game I want is Forza 5, the rest I will buy for the PS4

User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#28
WTF? How am I the first to mention Project Spark?

1) Quantum Break
2) Project Spark
3) Titanfall
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User Info: Skynet82997

4 years ago#29
The Division, Dead Rising 3, TitanFall.

Honorable mention for Destiny.
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User Info: yazman666

4 years ago#30
Witcher 3
Witcher 3
Witcher 3
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