XB1/PS4 Launch Games are a joke.

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User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#21
Excal1bur posted...
I love the Xbox one launch now the PS4 launch is a joke.

This. Even die-hard Sony boys have admitted this.
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User Info: jzbadblood

3 years ago#22
Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 are each system sellers for me. I'd almost be willing to say the Xbox One has the best launch lineup of all time.

User Info: Shik_stick

3 years ago#23
teehee23 posted...
I agree that ps4's launch is weak but Xbox #1's launch games are the greatest launch games ever and that's a fact, imo.

Lol wow can anyone else smell that? Neither console has a stellar launch lineup right now but to say that Xbone has the best launch titles ever is just flat out wrong. They aren't even better than P
S4. There is not a single launch title coming out for Xbone that looks in any way like it is a next gen game. This my friend, is a fact. Also, if you say something is a fact ad the say that it is your opinion, it's a contradiction. Just saying.
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User Info: drasius

3 years ago#24
DR3 is my XB1 system seller.. hopefully Zoo Tycoon will be good too.. my PS4 system seller won't be out until Feb. (infamous SS) but I am still getting it at launch because I trust what Sony has in mind for this console.. plus I get drive club and resogun free at launch since i'm already a ps plus member.

User Info: QuBix

3 years ago#25
QuBix posted...
TC or anyone else, please name a launch and its launch games that were better then the X1 launch or even the PS4 launch titles??!!!

Now I'm in my mid thirties so I've been there and done that and imo, this here launch has by far one of the best videogames titles to offer.

I guess no one can answer that question??????

I mean there is no point in arguing when in fact no one can name a better launch line up, lol.
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User Info: zinsindetta

3 years ago#26
What makes it even better is if you decide to buy Assassin Creed 4 and Watch Dogs on your brand new system at launch. Best launch lineup of all time by far in my opinion.
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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

3 years ago#27
teehee23 posted...
and that's a fact, imo.

I can't even make a joke I'm laughing so hard...
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User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#28
Launch tittles don't define a console...
PS3 had much better substantial launch tittles than the 360 but the price hindered it.
Then the 360 had better games for a while until the PS3 caught up... It's all up to what you want...
So far we know we're getting every Mutliplatformer on both sides and they'll most likely be even.
with 1 game being slightly better here and there on either side... nothing new on that front.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

3 years ago#29
TC hasn't been gaming for very long if he thinks this is bad for a launch line up. This launch lineup for 2013 is probably one the the best in history.
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User Info: Cha0sFinale

3 years ago#30
DesperateMonkey posted...
TC hasn't been gaming for very long if he thinks this is bad for a launch line up. This launch lineup for 2013 is probably one the the best in history.

Been gaming for 15+ years now.

This launch line-up is not much different than any other launch line-up. In that it stinks (much like other launches). Only difference between back a few years ago and now is that our economy is worse off than it was. Not alot of people can afford to put down hundreds of dollars for a next-gen console that plays much of the same games its current-gen consoles play.

That's why it makes me wonder why Sony and Microsoft didn't do more to secure more original and new titles for their NEW consoles. (Or like I said, get GTA5 on it which would probably sell more next-gen consoles than any other game thats being released on all the platforms)
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