Even dice is up playing cloud gaming!

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User Info: ACx7

4 years ago#61
NeoMonk posted...
ExampliaGratia posted...
They all have cloud yes but they aren't pushing it as hard as Microsoft

Every car company offers you a choice in what the insides of the car could be AC,Leather Interior etc...
Only the ones who have nothing to offer actually point that out in their commercials as GREAT feature...

What a **** life you must lead. It's gone beyond simple internet trolling. You must truly be miserable.

Do you need a hug? *Hug* Here... have one anyways. :3

User Info: gobuffalo30

4 years ago#62
It's absolutely amazing what X1 supporters think the cloud will do. It's not some amazing feature like MS is promoting and it won't be any different than this gen. Besides, I do remember those cloud servers are not solely for games too but people forget that easily, just like X1 has never had problems.

User Info: Ragnoraok

4 years ago#63
zephirraines posted...
Ellesarien posted...
It's so easy to predict who will come in and post in any pro-MS thread.

"Oh Christ...a new Pro-mS/X-1 thread"

"Quick...get in there and and start bashing it!!!!"

Lmao! Somebody poured this guy a pint of bitter.

Its the sad truth. Trolls are predictable. Funny how they mock the cloud while devs praise it. Who am i going to believe? Some clown on the net or an actual developer?

These are the same clowns who said psn was equal to live but now defend sony for charging money to "improve the network" even though they havent said how exactly....

^This. this is probably the only post on this topic that makes any sense. If the developers are excited about the Cloud, then any speculation from any side means nothing. Its funny how Sony fanboys take the developer's assertions that the ps4 is more powerful, but when they praise the X1's Cloud, it is nonsense.
Here at gamefaqs, you are either a troll, noob, or fanboy.....not like it matters, we are all losers anyways.

User Info: TonyKojima

4 years ago#64
greekgamer posted...
Nice_Robby posted...
greekgamer posted...
Wonder how much data this will use. Ill not be happy if I go over my data limit. Sucks not having unlimited data.

Who do you have? I thought mostly cell companies did this?

ROGERS. i have like 120GB a month. I think my isp are doing some sort of promotion for unlimited data but thats quite a bit extra.

LOL who still has bandwidth caps on internet??
Though the XBOX 360 is good in theory, it's hardware limitations say otherwise - Hideo Kojima
PSN - Guncrazy56

User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#65
raddicuss posted...
The psone had Cloud. This is nothing new.

I hope this one won't whine as much about his girl friend being killed
PSN jrr101
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