The Xbone is slowly just turning into a PS4

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User Info: BudWisenheimer

3 years ago#21
Wait_Wut posted...
p.s, I love the incredibly sly marketing of a free fifa with every xbone in Europe, very sneaky microsoft. Here fishy fishy

Sneaky because it's not copying PS4? Not sure what you mean. I thought they were doing this to add incentives to purchase their console.

User Info: faris_ruhi

3 years ago#22
The Xbone is slowly just turning into a PS4

and I'm glad. Means that it will actually be a console I purchase as long as they keep on providing the games. I for one, unlike fanboys, don't have a problem if one console copies the good features of another console.
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User Info: zephirraines

3 years ago#23
Considering how much the ps4 is copying from the 360 i think its okay for MS to just go back to their original ideas.

Online paywall
Indie games
Social features
Party chat
Including a mic
Voice controls

All on your 360. Yeah sony is real original.

User Info: vgsrule

3 years ago#24
Pretty much, yeah. It's obviously what they're doing.

You guys also realize that TC is only talking about their recent changes? Citing things the 360 did that was original is irrelevant.

User Info: NCPwn

3 years ago#25
ghostemp77 posted...
Both PS4 & XB1 are wannabe PCs.

With paywall multiplayer. I can't believe how much guff DRM got, but Paywall multiplayer is ok.
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3 years ago#27
PS4: Father of gamers, saviour of video gaming; always imitated, never equalled...

User Info: Mc1ovn

3 years ago#28
ghostemp77 posted...
Both PS4 & XB1 are wannabe PCs.

User Info: ImThe8thWonder

3 years ago#29
I take preference for the PS4 and I applaud MS for making those changes. Consoles aren't supposed to be some example of innovation or change. They're just supposed to expand game limitations so that the games themselves can become more innovative. Consoles are nothing but a canvas. I'm glad MS is slowly abandoning their previous, ridiculous policies. Now if they were to drop the kinect, drop the price, and remove just a couple more annoyances, they'd be doing perfectly.

User Info: 95_Eclipse

3 years ago#30
DeadLock25 posted...

That "copycat" style is called listening to the idiots that buy your console, aka making money and sustaining your business. Both companies do it, and neither one should be ridiculed for trying to bring great features to their consumers.

No no no, MS should have kept it's identity and not became more like the PS4, by keeping all the Anti consumer stuff!
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