Forza is a very overrated series

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User Info: MinunSS

4 years ago#41
I don't know what "weather terrain" is, but I've played every console-based sim this generation, as well as nearly every arcade racer, and Forza is undeniably a decade ahead of Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo's physics aren't realistic enough to include a working damage model, their engine can't manage to show suspension travel and their audio sounds like it was stolen from the early '90s. GT5 sold big but it was a huge disappointment.
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User Info: jrb363

4 years ago#42
PhaseBlack posted...
Sorry but it is the truth. Since Forza 2 I have been waiting for Turn 10 to add back night racing and I cannot believe that we are on Forza 5 and they still have yet to do weather terrain. They are always saying how important the driving physics are to them yet they can't manage to make them react realistically to the weather tracks like Gran Turismo 5, so they do not include them all together.

Forza 5 just looks like Forza 4 running on Xbox One hardware, they managed to make a prettier Forza but how can they not finally put night racing and weather terrain in?

Microsoft should just make another PGR, that'd get me hyped for this system

Look, I'll just say that I prefer Gran Turismo. Now, that's not to say I don't like Forza because I do. I just find the way Sony does things in Gran Turismo to be more 'fun' to me when I'm playing the game. However, for you to state that Forza 5 looks like Forza 4 running on Xbox One way. They clearly have different lighting, texture and particle effects running on the One that wouldn't even be possible with the Forza 4 engine.
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User Info: RaRitsujun

4 years ago#43
Indeed, overrated as heck.
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User Info: h12456208

4 years ago#44
I am a HUGE Gran Turismo fan. I even liked it better than the first Forza. However, Forza is just light years ahead of GT. It is honestly the only series in any genre that is so far ahead of the other competition. Wait, Metal Gear is the other. Anyway, I may just end up getting a XBone due to Forza and man I love me some Gears of War and know I wont be able to hold the temptation when it does come out.
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User Info: patrick005

4 years ago#45
I have a coworker who has been a die hard Gran Turismo fan since the very first one, and even he reluctantly admits that Forza is a better sim-racer. However, his loyalties (and $$$) defaults to GT since he refuses to buy an Xbox console, and he is just more used to Polyphony Digital's game.
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User Info: SoulClank

4 years ago#46
yep really overrated that's for sure.... Let me guess CoD is underrated.

User Info: lazer_lice

4 years ago#47
PhaseBlack posted...
Sorry but it is the truth.

User Info: PoloMan6

4 years ago#48
Buburibon posted...
Thanks for sharing. I completely disagree, though.

User Info: ApexMjolnir

4 years ago#49
Very VERY overrated series, if you like Jumps, and driving in the rain, and snow, and at night.

To be completely honest, aside from LeMans, what race is held at night?

And yes there are such things as rain tires, but nobody races F1 cars in the snow... rather any car races aside from rally.

If you want to play a racing game in ideal weather with ideal track conditions, you play a simulator. If you want to play around in the muck, you rent a rally game, and if you want Jumps and stuff, you play an Arcade Game.

Forza is only overrated, if you want to play pretend... otherwise it is as perfect of a racing simulation as you can get on a console.

So I completely agree... Forza is Overrated as a series.
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