Microsoft just acquired Nokia for $7 billion

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User Info: NeoAnduril

4 years ago#51
LOLKNlCKS posted...
There is nothing more pathetic than a bunch of people on the internet talking about someone else's money and getting into arguments about it. Lmao, you Microsoft fans have stooped to a low I thought only Nintendo fans participated in.

There is plenty more pathetic. Like individuals who post what is in my sig and then rage attack anyone else who says the same. Like individuals that lie about other people so they can attack people who are actually here to talk about the xb1 and games and not other people. Individuals who are so insecure they create entire false realities to deal with the fact that ms f***ed up and have come a long way to fix their mistakes.

You may think you've seen the most pathetic thing ever, but this board will surprise you time and again.

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#52
DelRowe posted...
Nokia's worth $7 billion? I only know about their phones. What else do they have?

They also have map service.

User Info: Thewinner14

4 years ago#53
jairusmonillas posted...
Microsoft is playing catch up with Apple and Google. lol

a game they may not win. i came across this and agree with most of it.
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