Does it really matter? PS4 vs XboxONE?

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User Info: AFreeby

3 years ago#31
fallange posted...
I see you keep bringing up art in games. I feel the best art this gen was brought by Indy developers.
Also you keep bringing up the "dumb masses"
My point is, because of these "dumb masses" buying consoles for the big blockbusters, also helped the small Indy developers get noticed.
If it wasn't for the mass influx of casual gamers buying consoles, a lot of Indy games couldn't have been possible.

So this cancer you speak of, actually helped created many games, artistic games, that wouldn't have been possible to create before.
I know your mind is set on hating Microsoft, but my advise would be not to point out the faults of what you hate, but the strengths of what you like.
Let people make up their own minds and see what they prefer for themselves.

Just because MS gave the indie developers the platform to market their games does not mean the average person actually bought those games. Don't get me wrong, I still commend MS for allowing them to do it, but because of MS's target audience I don't believe those games did near as well as they would have done on other platforms; I.E. Steam, ect... The majority of the people who ended up purchasing those indie titles were people who would have known about, and purchased them even if they did not have the 360 platform to advertise on. I am aware that some of the sales were probably from curious casuals, but I can guarantee that was a small percentage. Your average 360 consumer is a CoD/Madden/Fifa/Halo player, who only purchases those rehashed titles every year, and never ventured outside their comfort zone. The above may not be their entire fanbase, but it is the majority.

So I am sorry, but just because a company does a few good things does not mean I will only focus on those things, and turn a blind eye to the majority of horrible things they do as well. I have no problem talking about Sony's or Nintendo's faults either, but it is my opinion that their positive actions they have brought to gaming outweigh their negative, unlike Microsoft's.
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User Info: AFreeby

3 years ago#32
F50_Caliber posted...
AFreeby posted...
F50_Caliber posted...
This whole art thing is BS. Just a way to cover your prejudgment of MS. Saying that MS makes tons of junk and a few good "art" is just stupid. If you want fine art to change your mind and change the world into shades of grey blah blah blah renaissance blah blah blah baroque blah blah blah go to an art gallery. Gaming is for entertainment not all that BS.

Are MS games entertaining. Yes. Do they sell? Yes. Is that bad? No.

Then it seems like you're are their target audience, and there are a lot of others out there, no denying that. I view gaming in the same way I view films, music, and books. If you are not willing to take the time to cater to those of us that are looking for richer experiences than just mindless entertainment, then I am not willing to waste my time on you. I know that does not bother MS much, as those like myself are smaller in number than those who will lap up whatever they throw out, but it allows me to appreciate the companies (both Sony, Nintendo, and a few other 3rd party developers) that are willing to step outside the comfort zone of the masses.

Keep buying the same mario game every time. OR MAYBE its one of those Andy Warhol pics that just repeats itself and they call it art.....

I will, as long as you keep buying the same CoD/Madden/Fifa/Halo games every time, and thinking of it as revolutionary gaming. Don't forget to get pumped for the next Michael Bay and Zach Snyder films either ;)
Before me things create were none, save things eternal, and eternal I endure.
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User Info: gameboybryce

3 years ago#33
F50_Caliber posted...
Most of us who are willing to use our time to write about the differences of console are hard core gamers.....The point I want to make it that eventually us, hard core gamers, will buy both consoles.

Not necessarily true. There are many, many gamers who only bought a 360 or a PS3 this gen, myself included.

Ps4 will dominate for the first 1-2 years then those Sony fanboys will see Titanfall, Gears of War, Forza, and halo. XBL will still be proven as the best online (maybe). Then they will buy an XboxOne because we are gamers and we will enjoy both.

Your fanboyism is showing. But seriously, those "fanboys" have seen Gears, Halo, and Forza this whole generation and still don't want it so why would that change next gen?

XboxOne will lose the first 2-3 years then a consistent stream of games will be out. The library will build up for both consoles and hard core gamers will buy the PS4 as well. God of War, Uncharted, Killzone, TLoU.

How can the PS4 win 1-2 years but the X1 lose 2-3 years?? Those numbers don't add up at all. Logic fail.

In my opinion though. The XboxONE is more suited for the long haul considering it will appeal to the casual gamers. Moms and Dads will buy little johnny and little Susie an xboxONE with kinect. The NFL is associated with Microsoft. Its an American company that makes softer games rather than super aggressive strange Japanese games. The price point will be a benefit because we assume more money=more value.

In your opinion. Though history has shown that 1) people tend to buy the cheaper console and 2) Moms and Dads tend to buy their kids the more preferred console. At the moment that's the PS4. And 3) using the NFL as a reason people will buy the X1 doesn't really work too well either. The majority of fantasy league football players use Yahoo and other places to play fantasy football not (which what they'd have to use on the X1) and most of them aren't going to switch over. Most fantasy league football players keep a laptop, tablet, or phone near them during the games. How do I know this, my friends and I have a league of our own.

And "super aggressive strange Japanese games?" Once again, your fanboyism is showing. One of the reasons the PS brand does so well is because they have a strong Japanese third party support. Even if people feel like the Japanese industry has gone down, people still like their niche games. Games from one side of the world or the other is purely opinion based. So that's not an indicator of the Xbox One doing better than the PS4 in the long haul.

And people don't always assume more money more value, especially with game consoles.
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User Info: robert43s

3 years ago#34
It does not matter. Will it play the games you want. Will you be entertained etc.... I bought a Xbox 360 because of Oblivion. It was cheaper than upgrading my PC. I have had 8 yrs of good gaming on it. For my next console, I have almost made up mind mind. Sometimes, because of the exclusives, I wish I also had bought a PS/3.
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