Kinect vs PS Eye

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User Info: FrostFiend

4 years ago#11
I voted the PlayStation Eye just because its not bundle with the system. Which means its a option.
I wonder how much Microsoft spent to research and development for the Kinect 2. If they spent 100$ million on the new Bone controller I shutter to think how for they spent on the kinect 2.

User Info: Raycon

4 years ago#12
Kinect is way more advanced. But if we're talking about convenience, PS Eye would have the edge for not being a forced peripheral.
I must have looked a fool playing with a backwards DS, teary eyed solving a Sudoku puzzle -Lordx718

User Info: possession

4 years ago#13
So...garbage vs. garbage?

It doesn't really matter at that point, does it? Save for the fact PS Eye isn't forced.
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User Info: roboto_piloto

4 years ago#14
Kinect of course.

It only comes with the best tech the government has to offer.
"I guess I'm a bad man who tried to be a good father, I don't know. Every man has a right to change." ~ John Marston

User Info: AwayFromHere

4 years ago#15
I like the PS Eye on PS3 for a few things, like MLB The Show, and it works surprisingly well for shooting games like Killzone and RE Chronicles HD.
You are hallucinating. Seek help immediately.

User Info: patrick005

4 years ago#16
One can tell how you are moving based on it's "Time-of-flight camera," and can calculate where the joints of your body are based on it's software, plus it's all hands free of controllers.

The other can tell how you are moving based on it's "Stereo Camera" and it's Range Imaging techniques like Stereo triangulation, plus the use of a hand held controller for added accuracy.

One has some lag input when quick movements are involved, while the other is capable of being more "twitch" friendly.

One has an easier time seeing where you legs are and it's movements, while the other one doesn't have as much focus on that part of the body.

One seems to have more games specifically designed for it's capabilities by ignoring traditional controller use, while the other seems to be used more as an optional alternative to traditional controller use.
Opinions can be changed. Beliefs however, not so much.

User Info: LoveSheep

4 years ago#17
PS Eye is better because I can save money by not buying it.
Still no to Xbox ONE Hard Drive is too small and can't be upgraded or replaced.
The Kinect adds cost to the console I rather buy a game not a GIMMICK.

User Info: Belberith

4 years ago#18
Kinect by far, the eye does have advantage of having the move though however. It really comes down to how Sony used there VR Headset, it could augment the experience of the Eye

User Info: Belberith

4 years ago#19
Ramsus082 posted...
Better value? Maybe the Eye if you value having the option to say '' no'', but if you like motion-controlled gaming in general, then probably the Kinect. We're only subsidizing $100 of it and the unit itself likely costs much more, some estimates say it costs $400 to manufacture. Its better tech, and it'll most likely be utilized fuller if motion gaming takes off in the community.

400 dollars? That's like Sony levels of losing money, I doubt it cost that much friend.

User Info: Demon_Acker

4 years ago#20
Kinect looks like a much better piece of technology
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