November 22nd release Worldwide *OFFICIAL*

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User Info: LionHartZero

4 years ago#51
ventus_wind posted...
ipickupslots posted...
SORS_IMMANIS posted...
What the f*** is Black Friday?

its when all the black people come out, better watch out

that's very racist.

I'm sure he's getting flashbacks of when he saw his black stepdad giving it to his mommy that was screaming aloud....

I'd be mad if I were you too....

User Info: ZEROthefirst

4 years ago#52
Only in 13 markets, a lot of regions won't be getting this until sometime 2014 (mostly the places where Microsoft does the worst in, such as Japan).
Nintendo Network/PSN ID: ZEROthefirst

User Info: magemaximus

4 years ago#53
dunno if posted in this topic already, but MS also added forza 5 as an option instead of fifa 14, for those that have pre-ordered the console outside of the U.S. (or whatever qualified you to get fifa 14 with the console).

nvm found topic
You can't persuade fanboys. You'd be better off trying to convince a wall. ~CodeNamePlasmaSnake~

User Info: RAZurrected

4 years ago#54
The Great Potentate of Xbox, Og the Clever doth decree.
November 22nd came the One, the son of three sixty
To lead the charge in speeds of clock and games for me and you
To sell much more than ever dreamed, THE CRUSHENING - part 2
Xbox 360 - Games without compromise, Visuals unsurpassed, Split-screen always

User Info: Ramsus082

4 years ago#55
Bravo! Bravo!!! Our favourite poet-laureate is back on his main alt! You haven't lost a thing, RAZ. That's some straight-up Shakespeare stuff!

You ever think about resurrecting your J Allard/Ken Kutaragi fan-fic? That didn't go over too well, but you're clearly a much-improved story teller these days.
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