The days of game consoles are dead...

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User Info: SoulTrapper

4 years ago#31
whitelytning posted...

It is hard to talk about "hardcore" and "casual" gamers because we all define it differently and have certain connotations when we use the terms. I think you are out right wrong if you think casuals follow the hardcores. I think a big part of being a "hardcore" gaming is playing games others don't play.

The casuals don't care or want to follow the hardcore because for some reason hardcore gaming has become about weird indi projects that the masses don't play. How many "hardcore" gamers would consider Cod, Madden, and Fifa hardcore games? How does the idea you presented above explain the crazy sales number for these non"hardcore" titles year after year? If the hardcore gamers aren't playing these titles why are there so many casuals playing them? Who are the casuals following?

I don't think you understood what I meant at all.

I'm not talking about the games, I'm talking about the consoles themselves.

The "hardcore" audience are always the first ones to go and buy a console.
The "hardcore" audience is going for the ps4, because MS tried screwing everyone over.
The "casual" audience only gets the console later on and buys whatever console most of their friends own, because they want to play the Fifa, NFL COD etc games with their friends.
The friends of the "casual" audience (which includes some "hardcore" gamers) will have a majority of ps4s.

The "casual" audience will see that most of their friends own a ps4 and see that xbox costs $100 more.
The "casual" audience will buy ps4 as well.

The casuals (and I don't use this term in a bad way) buy what is popular and marketed well not what the hardcore players are playing. It takes too much effort to pay attention to what the new trendy underground game is that only the real "hardcore" gamers play. Gaming has definitely changed. A large part of the industry is about presenting easy to play games that a wide variety of people will pick up and enjoy quickly. Companies are not pushing classic "hardcore" games because the casual consumer is not interested in those projects. There just aren't enough "hardcore" gamers interested in a gaming specific console to justify selling that project for a large company like MS. Why limit their business to such a niche market when there are so many more people anxiously waiting to buy the next system so they can get online and play COD with their friends after work (I am happily one of these people).

Again, not talking about the games themselves, talking about the consoles.

The games are mostly irrelevant to casuals because they mostly play multiplayer games anyway, as you pointed out yourself.

MS would stand a much better chance if they got rid of the kinect and got their price down. But I really don't see people buying a console that costs $100 more just for a few social features (which are mostly locked behind a paywall).
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User Info: The_DOAM

4 years ago#32
Yup, driving up costs for no reason

Better tack on a couple hundred dollars on to that video game console because they added software and hardware features for people who have absolutly nothing to do with gaming. Remove the gimmicks remove the features and make a pure gaming machine then see how much that'll cost ya. Doesn't matter what they do they'll never top the PC for a mulitpurpose device. Who knows next gen Microsoft might even toss in a keyboard and Microsoft office with the next Xbox. While people move in mass to the PC market which in the end might make Microsoft even more money. Their like Icarus they keep adding features going higher and higher till the get burned by the mighty Sun known as the PC.(Now I want to play Kid Icarus all of a sudden)

As for Sony new media formats is their deal in fact the PS4 is the only console without that feature. The PS1 didn't have catridges it used Cd's while Ps2-Dvd, Psp-UmD, and PS3-Bluray. The Vita and it's overpriced proprietary format but the PS4 breaks that tradition with it's old fashioned Bluray player.
The gamer seems to be more intouch with the PS4 as I haven't heard of any kickstarter or Community driven products for the ONE.(Project to get Timesplitters:Rewind on the PS4!!!)

Media consoles are a bad idea and just drive people to the PC or other devices that only focus on a key aspect. Why would anyone in their right mind buy a ONE for football when they can just get a tv package or use thier computers or portable phones. Even Kinect if I don't even like talking to an automated machine over the phone why would I talk to the ONE halfway across my living room. They don't even have first party devs and the PC is sharing many of the releases.
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User Info: sworder

4 years ago#33
cpcjlc3 posted...
To put it in perspective: My daughter got in trouble and I took her iPhone away from her and now she has a phone that only calls and text ( and it doesn't even have a keyboard). That is real life.

In gaming terms, I took away her Xbox One and gave her a PS4.

Terrible analogy. The Xbone can't do those things on the go. It can do things that you already do without it.

Basically, you take away your daughter's laptop that has a tv turner and then give her a more powerful gaming laptop. That's taking away an Xbone and giving a PS4. The tv turner is useless when you already need a cable box anyway.
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