Since most games on Xbox 360 were P2P, why were we paying for Xbox live?

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  3. Since most games on Xbox 360 were P2P, why were we paying for Xbox live?

User Info: TwistedxL3G3ND

4 years ago#151
FOXSOLID posted...
TwistedxL3G3ND posted...
FOXSOLID posted...
TwistedxL3G3ND posted...
FOXSOLID posted...
Talk about ignoring things....I'm sure you simply "missed" the part where players were ninja flipping over walls.

How is that cult life?

And what are you trying to prove with a video of a guy lagging? That he has a garbage internet connection? Can you say "grasping at straws"?

Talk about ignoring things... I'm sure you simply "missed" the part where I addressed the entire video.

How's that cult life?

Ninja flipping is not lagging, I can't believe I'd even have to tell you that it's a hack.

That's a glitch smart one, anyone could do it.
But I don't see how that proves that Xbox doesn't have a single game with dedicated servers and doesn't offer any discounts whatsoever, so how about you explain yourself?

A glitch that actually has a flipping animation huh? about sophisticated glitches. And PS+ is still a much better value. Universally known.

The animation is for rolling, smart guy, that glitch makes you float up while you roll. Right now I honestly think you're being deliberately ignorant.

And that's not what you said before, you said Xbox Live has no discounts, that's a lie. You also said Xbox didn't have a single game with dedicated servers, that's also a lie.
Hey guise look at my PC specs I'm sure you all care!


4 years ago#152
What good is a dedicated server when its full of lag and glitches? Oh it's just more BS and lies from MS? Why yes it is.

And when all you hear is about how great PS+ is and how very little (or not at all in my case) do you ever hear about these discounts on XBL, it clearly isn't that great.

Again, XBL is of no value whatsoever. For the last year, the name really should have been Xbox Fluff. You paid for party chat, PS4 will get it for free among a bunch of other apps and multimedia functions. Xbox owners will sadly continue paying for fluff. It is good though that they are finally being given dedicated servers. I guess a decade of lies and fluff that you all paid for really pulled through for you all.

Make sure you don't miss any cult meetings.

User Info: UFOff

4 years ago#153
Rdeal2 posted...
You are paying for

Party Chat(which to me was worth the money on it's own)
A demo for every Xbla game and more demo's for retail games
A more reliable service
Tons of apps(they don't just create themselves)
Better match making
Gold only sales(in the course of year year i would earn the money i paid for live back in games i bought on sale)

I think this pretty much summarizes everything nicely.

Oh, and one more thing - IT KEEPS THE RUBES AWAY. It attaches significance to your account so that a ban or complaint means that you lose money. Other services? Meh, just make a new account.

In the end, make people pay for something and it becomes that much more precious in their minds. The time spent on the service matters and the account matters.
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  3. Since most games on Xbox 360 were P2P, why were we paying for Xbox live?

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