M$ needs to do 1 final huge change for the X1......

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User Info: Big Fan

Big Fan
4 years ago#11
That would not work. I have a friend who bought a modded official MS controller off eBay when MW2 was huge
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User Info: Deimir

4 years ago#12
Road_Kill_666 posted...
M@ has sone a great job of turning around and listening to customers.

Who is Matt, and why do we care who he's listening to?

User Info: Masterchief5525

4 years ago#13
Bryant187 posted...
Road_Kill_666 posted...
M@ has sone a great job of turning around and listening to customers. There's only one change left to make that would seal it for me.........

Since they can scan the X1 console for anomalies or mods, they should be able to make it to where the X1 only recognizes licensed and approved accessories so that people can stop ruining multiplayer games with their modded controllers. I'm all for someone buying a aftermarket more durable controller but not these modded ones with variable control turbo buttons and and one button drop shots.

Just because you suck and are skill=less doesn't mean everyone else should have to deal with your overppoweredness just because you chose to spend money to get skill you didn't have.

If anything modded controllers should put the X1 in a state of "off-line only" so you can only use it by yourself.


User Info: Dev445

4 years ago#14
When I play Gears 3 I use the hammerburst a lot and I got a fast trigger finger. People always thought I had a modded controller and send me hate messages. I'm like WTF sorry dude I'm just nice like that.

Unless you can prove someone is using a modded contoller its pointless. Cause some people just have fast trigger fingers like me.
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User Info: wumster3000

4 years ago#15
The $ symbol for Microsoft is getting old. Why do some people do it anyway? Is it in representation of MS being one of the richest and wealthiest companies on the planet? Or how its Bill Gates and his wife has one of the best charities in the world? I'm curious.

User Info: Road_Kill_666

4 years ago#16
@ wumster3000, i only use the M$ to add flare to the title, no disrespect to MS intended.

@ Dev445, If you're fast you're fast, but the console should sense when someone pressed a button 12 times in 1 second. Turning single shot weapons into uzi's is a huge unfair advantage.

@ Porunga, Allowing modded controllers is like allowing God mode mods in all multplayer games; if you don't govern unfair advantages then a modded controller is no different from someone who's invincible in the game. You can't separate it and allow some advantages and not others. Modded controllers were ok back in the day when there wasn't on-line gaming. Modded controllers are fine for personal use but theres a reason they're not allowed in tournaments because they are an unfair advantage.

Allowable aftermarket controllers: controllers that are more sensitive or have better control and reaction to people who have fast fingers like dev445. more durable is fine, cosmetic lights or exchangable grips are fine.

Should be banned: controllers with 1 button drop shot, all controllers with built in turbo functions, programmable quick scoping, ect.

My on-line experience shouldn't be ruined by people who have to PAY for advantages because they suck so badly. Its not my fault and i shouldn't have to go buy a modded controller just to "re-balance" the online experience.

User Info: FinzFan4life

4 years ago#17
Porunga posted...
So you think microsoft putting limits on what you are allowed to use as your controller is a good thing? Just because you don't like it? Yeah, no.. microsoft putting limits on ANYTHING (within reason) is a bad thing.

For online yes it is a good thing. I shouldn't get screwed cause someone spent money to have an unfair advantage. You're post was littered with irrational thoughts. You must be one of those people with modded controllers.
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User Info: zmouse

4 years ago#18
Road_Kill_666 posted...
Not sure if there are Call of Duty fans in here but i have been running into them a lot oh Black Ops 2.
Its ultra annoying and i hope the problem doesn't migrate to X1. I almost don't care because once GTA5 drops i won't play anything else till Nov 22nd. But still, its an annoying problem none the less. Also ran into a guy using a mouse/keyboard on Black Ops 1 a loooong long time ago.

They also work in other games like gta 4
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M9V_zWaqyE (there's other vids)

So chances are they will work in gta v too.

User Info: twotoothmcgee

4 years ago#19
This is one of my favorite externizations of defeat. A close second is this "host invincibility" misunderstanding, then probably aimbot. I modify controllers to customer specifications for profit, I can assure you nearly every competitive game restricts ROF. These "advantages" are myths perpetuated by pouty kids who lose at a video game. While there may be some isolated instances of real cheating, "hacking," aim bots, and turbo controllers are not nearly as pervasive as TC would like you to believe and even the few who do own modified controllers find them to be mostly ineffectual in online shooters.

User Info: ZEROthefirst

4 years ago#20
Those controllers aren't that useful alone really, but pair them with someone using a lag switch and you've got problems. Happens on all online console/PC games so I don't expect to see that going away anytime soon.
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