Even if the PS4 is 30% more powerful, its not really going to make a difference

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  3. Even if the PS4 is 30% more powerful, its not really going to make a difference

User Info: Brummie_lad123

4 years ago#1
I was under the impression that the PS4 was meant to be double the power of the Xbox One, now I hear 30% which apparently isn't true either.

Even if it is 30% more powerful, its probably only about the same as this gen (between 360 and PS3) and looked what happened there, the 360 is in most cases the main platform for mulitplat games.

So I really don't think 30% is something worth bragging about to be honest. The most powerful console doesn't usually win.
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#2
The reason the 360 was the main platform for multiplats was because it was easier to develop for...a big mistake by Sony who were arrogant with the success of the PS2 thinking that it would deter devs from making ports to other platforms.

The truth is no one knows the power difference currently to be completely sure. We only have raw numbers...but they most certainly show PS4 with a fairly good lead in power theoretically. Frankly I hope they are close because that way we all get better quality games
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User Info: sadiq2010

4 years ago#3
ps4 is 40% more powerful.

User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#4
The most powerful console has never been the most popular, and the PS3 was a pain to develop for.
The PS4 looks like it will be the most popular console initially and the easiest to program for. That would make all the difference.
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User Info: JusticeSword

4 years ago#5
PS4 & X1 have the same architecture.

PS4 has better parts.

What that means is not only exclusives will be better but so will multiplats.

The issue with the ps3 was that its architecture was so bespoke, that even though it had more processing power, we barely ever saw it outside exclusives.

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User Info: AirborneNarwhal

4 years ago#6
What does the hardware even matter at this time? Especially when you have games like Watch Dogs, that are developed for pretty much every electronic device humanly possible. Hardware is useless if it's not used. And developers just wanting to make a quick buck with the launch of new consoles are surely not going to get the most out of it. You can make this topic again in 3 years or something, then we'll have something to talk about.

User Info: crawdad

4 years ago#7
MS will always have the Software advantage because of their background. It was good that Sony FINALLY used better architecture this time around (even the PS2 was quite bad in terms of architecture, it was actually really powerful with some games looking AMAZING on it).

I think this Gen Online is going to play a bigger role than ever before.And again MS will have the advantage there as well in terms of available infrastructure and resources.

Sony's advantages will be lower price point and seemingly better hardware and likely exclusives. Though MS getting games with the likes of Titanfall, as well as games like, KH3 and MGS 5 going multiplat, the exclusives race will hopefully go back to the old days where there was much more of it going around.
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User Info: OnsIaughter

4 years ago#8
From: 656stooge | #004
The most powerful console has never been the most popular

SNES says hi.
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

4 years ago#9
There were many deciding factors which made the 360 the default platform for developers.

-year head start insured install base, so devs were almost guarenteed a profit with the 360 versions
-budgets of games grew exponentially this gen, which goes hand-in-hand with install base.
-unified memory pool
-not using cell processor
-powerful GPU

The list could actually go on further, but these are points people normally dismiss, or don't think of.
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User Info: M_A_R_R_O

4 years ago#10
still dont know why people assume that x box one is gonna be the main platfrom, restrain yourself from that, your getting a little too excited there, im a playstation fan, really wanted to be intrested with the x box one and followed every detail with each announcment, and quite frankly, its just not gonna be the console that wins over hearts this time, i mean its great that they changed all the bad crap they wanted to pull off with the x box and now its a solid system but with all the changes they had to make and the lies they pulled just to get it to where it is now, futurewise, its just another console out there at best, ps4 just better hanndled themselves, their not special themselves but they have a hugge upper hand, that console is more likely to be out "main platform" lol
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  3. Even if the PS4 is 30% more powerful, its not really going to make a difference

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