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User Info: Belberith

4 years ago#71
Man, its gonna suck for that kid's dad when he's fired come tomorrow.

For the first time in history "that kid" who would make ridiculous vidya claims is actually telling the truth.

"My Dad works at Microsoft guys and I already have an Xbox One."

User Info: zmouse

4 years ago#72
bessy67 posted...
pblimp360 posted...
NightDrifter05 posted...
You just go to bing and setup your account and complete a certain number of activities and searches a day for points. You get a bunch of free stuff you can use points towards. When I still have a Xbox 360 bing rewards was how I got all my XBL points.



Set it and forget it!

Cool, thanks didn't no that existed now I don't have to do related searches 30 times.

User Info: im_a_legend

4 years ago#73
Dad: Son here's the Xbox One I have working on.
Son: Cool Dad mind if I play on it a bit.
Dad: Sure knock yourself out champ.

Makes video of dashboard and uploads it to Youtube

2 days latter there is a knock on the door.

Dad: Hello
MS: Hi Mr ..... We're here for the Xbox One
Son: Whats going on dad
Dad: I don't know

Microsoft take the Xbox One and just as they leave.

MS: Oh and Mr .... as of right now your contract with Microsoft is terminated.
Dad: What Why?
MS: You can blame your son for leaking details on Youtube. But don't worry due to the fact that you can not handle top secret information we at Microsoft will see that you never work in this sector again. Have a nice day.

6 Months pass and not being able to find work, getting into debt and having their home reprocessed...

Dad: Son I want to thank you for ruining my life. I want you to remember that you will always be a **** and a hate you.

The dad then pulls a pistol out and shoots himself in the head...
What Im about to do is as dangerous as inviting your mum round for an evening on chatroulette
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