PS4:XB1 400:80 Preorders at one GameStop

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User Info: Microelectrode

3 years ago#1
Hey guys. Just placed my preorder. My GameStop said they said they placed about 400 preorders for PS4 and about 80 for the XB1.

Do you think this is the trend across North America or are the consoles on-par for their preorders overall?

User Info: AwayFromHere

3 years ago#2
No one care about this, so shut up about it.
You are hallucinating. Seek help immediately.

User Info: Hidan623

3 years ago#3
honestly i don't think that a gamestop location can even take 400 preorders of one systems unless its like new york. I think he was just throwing random numbers out. And what gamestop did you pre order at cuz i thought both xbox 1 and ps4 were sold out at gamestop in general thats what my gamestop said. So like i said employees probably throw out random assumptions

User Info: CapnStanky

3 years ago#4
The way you can tell he's a troll is that no Gamestop has been allocated anywhere near 400 of either console.

Mark him and move along.

User Info: zmouse

3 years ago#5
Could a gamestop even hold 400 ps4s? All of the ones I've been to are fairly small and can't imagine they have enough storage for them and other games/accessories .

User Info: Microelectrode

3 years ago#6
I guess you shouldn't care what the majority like as long as you enjoy yourself (I like the Wii U after all). However, I think (and I could be wrong) that the PS4 and XB1 are similar technically, and differ mainly on their interfaces, launch lineup, online policies, "extras."

So I thought comparing the preorders might help to see how people differentiate two technically similar consoles.

User Info: Orange_Apples

3 years ago#7
Do gamestop employees actually so freely give out that information?
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User Info: Porunga

3 years ago#8
I am skeptical about the numbers you posted. I don't doubt the number favors the ps4, talking to my gamestop they said the ps4 pre-orders outnumber the xbo by "a fair amount" but he said he doesn't really know the exact numbers. But 400 to 80? I have a hard time believing that #1 your gamestop store would pre-order 400 ps4s, there is no way they will be able to support that number of consoles. And #2 the huge pre-order number difference. It seems unrealistically skewed.

User Info: Bigdaddy422

3 years ago#9
If what you say is true, then its looking like I will make a killing selling my PS4 preorder. I will keep my Xbox one preorder, unless those are going for insane amounts lol.

User Info: Hidan623

3 years ago#10
Orange_Apples posted...
Do gamestop employees actually so freely give out that information?

like i said they probably throw out random assumptions. Because i don't even think their allowed to give out that info. Considering how strict the company is in general. People get fired from gamestop every day for violating rules, i mean there is a whole new crew in my game stop monthly
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