PS4:XB1 400:80 Preorders at one GameStop

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User Info: Bryant187

4 years ago#41
My buddy at gamestop said they had 48 ps4 and 53 X1 preordered. Of course I live in a small town. I think they still had extra of both.
Don't choose a console because of price, hardware or popularity. Choose a console because it has the games you want. For me that choice is X1.

User Info: LOLKNlCKS

4 years ago#42

User Info: mankindismymask

4 years ago#43
ScRui posted...
mankindismymask posted...
ScRui posted...
mankindismymask posted...
A nationwide 3:1 ratio will kill xbox one, remember this is America we are talking about.

hell, make it 2:1, Microsoft investors will bolt.

of course this is to say Sony can keep the ratio for several years, meanwhile MS will do everything they can to reduce the gap or even level the playground

Xbox fans, prepare for jillions of TV, NFL, NBA, reality shows, American idols or whatever come to their mind that can get non gamers on board.

Wait I watch tv, love the nfl and are into some reality shows.... I guess I'm not a gamer... Just a casual

Never understood this view point... It seems 'hardcore' gamers don't do anything but play video games.... If this is the case... I pity your life

you =/= everyone

Did you even understand my post?

I wasn't talking about how me 'personally' has and/or should be mass consensus... I said I don't understand how if you don't just 'play' video games, I'm a casual .... not a 'hardcore' gamer because I like/watch/do/use other things...

Are you compensating for something with your post?

they want to get those people who don't play video games at all to also buy the console.

so you=/=everyone, as you said you play their games, so you are already onboard, you are not their concern anymore.

User Info: ScRui

4 years ago#44

If you really believe your last post.... Your out of the loop...

These consoles (or the last 2 gens at least) aren't for just 'gamers' if they were there would be no growth in a market, which in turn would hurt the industry... They are and have been multimedia devices... Some more than others but still same concept... Only these so called 'hardcore' gamers say this is a negative...

I play a ridiculous amount of video games, but it doesn't stop me from enjoy other forms of media or social life...

These next gen consoles are blurring the lines and make it easier to transition from games to everything else (this current gen has shown me the benefits of this)
"Be Smart @ Being Stupid & You'll NEVER Lose"

User Info: Ellesarien

4 years ago#45
Hell...Why stop there.

I was just told my local Gamestop had over 1,200 PS4 on pre-orders and not a single X-1!!!

Microsoft is going bankrupt.

If you are going to lie, shoot for the stars!!
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.

User Info: xFrostxPhoenix

4 years ago#46
Sales =/= Quality
Which means preorders don't matter, and we'll have to wait a couple of years minimum to see developers maximize both consoles.
GT: xFrostxPhoenix
Now Playing: BF3, DC 2 Waiting for: MW3,Skyrim, ACR...Monster Hunter is the **** btw.

User Info: bob15x

4 years ago#47
400 preorders, what a lie.

And if they took that many, there are going to be a lot of angry people when that gamestop only gets in 100 ps4 until the next year.

If gamestops had that many preorders than there would be a lot more than over a million preordered it woudl be over 3 million.

ge kued ti tiy,

User Info: GondolinRises

4 years ago#48
Xb1 trolls are upset because of a crappy 400 preorders? Is it really that easy for you guys to lose your minds?
Can't keep a good man down. More Fe + C than you.


4 years ago#49
AwayFromHere posted...
No one care about this, so shut up about it.

Obviously you do, lol.

User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#50
GondolinRises posted...
Xb1 trolls are upset because of a crappy 400 preorders? Is it really that easy for you guys to lose your minds?

Wait, you actually believe that a single Gamestop store will get 400 units? lol, you're delusional.
"Immigrants. That's all they do, you know. Just driving around, listening to raps, shooting all the jobs." - Malory Archer
GT: Bessy67
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